Get to know interesting facts about Gamabunta in the Naruto anime


Gamabunta is one of the kuchiyose animals that first appeared in the anime Naruto. He is a frog boss from Mount Myoboku and really respects Naruto.

The two of them once fought together when facing Gaara during the invasion of Konoha carried out by Sunagakure and Orochimaru.

For those of you who like this Kuchiyose animal, here are some unique facts you should know about Gamabunta.

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Gamabunta is like a Yakuza among other frogs

Gamabunta when he was injured
Gamabunta is like a Yakuza among other frogs. Source: Narutopedia

From his external appearance, Naruto fans know that Gamabunta has a design that resembles the Yakuza on Mount Myoboku.

His style of clothing and speaking style also uses a Hiroshima accent with predominantly rough language. Usually such language is only used by Yakuza gangs.

Apart from that, his nickname is "Frog Boss" (Gama Oyabun), thus strengthening his appearance as a Yakuza from Mount Myoboku.

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Becoming One of the First Kuchiyose Animals to Appear

Gamabunta vs Umibozu
Becoming One of the First Kuchiyose Animals to Appear. Source: Narutopedia

In the Naruto anime, Gamabunta appeared first, even before Naruto Uzumaki was born.

This was shown when in episode 1 there was a scene of the Fourth Hokage fighting against the rampaging Kyuubi.

In his first appearance, he only shows his face, without any dialogue at all.

The Kanji on the back means shrimp

The Kanji on the back means shrimp
The Kanji on the back means shrimp. Source: Critical Hits

Gamabunta has his typical clothing in the form of a juba and on the back is written Japanese Kanji.

It is known that the Kanji on the back of his shirt says 蝦 which when read is Ebi and means shrimp.

Until now it is still unknown what the connection is, apart from frogs also eating shrimp. 

Gamabunta himself was never explained to have a special relationship with shrimp or that his favorite food was shrimp.

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Gamabunta Only Recognizes 3 Ninjas

Gamabunta and Jiraiya
Gamabunta and Jiraiya. Source: Youtube Praful Art

Gamabunta is a Kuchiyose animal for three different generations, starting from Jiraiya, Minato, to Naruto.  

He also mentioned that there are only three humans so far that he respects, acknowledges and respects, namely Jiraiya, Minato and Naruto.

Proof of Gamabunta's respect was by letting the three of them stand on his head.

What's more interesting is that he is also often involved in big fights with the three great ninjas. 

Like when he fought with Jiraiya Orochimaru, together Minato against the Kyuubi, and together with Naruto against Pain and Gaara.

Origin of the name Gamabunta

Bunta Sugawara
Bunta Sugawara. Source: IMDb

Like Yakuza Very attached to Gamabunta, because his name is also inspired by actor Bunta Sugawara.

Bunta Sugawara himself is a Japanese actor who is famous for often playing Yakuza in the films he stars in.

One of Bunta Sugawara's famous films is Jingi Naki Tatakai, directed by Kinji Fukasaku, where the director's name was used by Kishimoto to name another frog, namely Fukasaku.

Apart from that, Bunta Sugawara is also the actor who was used as a reference by Eiichiro Oda for the character Sakazuki in One Piece.

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