The Chasm Genshin Impact Area Will Be Released Soon, 4 Things You Must Know

Chasm Genshin Impact

The Chasm Genshin Impact area is one of the regions the Liyue section was announced to be open for updates upcoming 2.6.

This area becomes an area that can be explored by players after the game updates previously the Enkanomiya area was opened.

The Chasm is the inner area games which is located west of Lisha, Liyue. This area is designed to resemble a mining area.

Lore which are spread over several worldquest says a series of mysterious accidents caused the entire mine at The Chasm to close.

Details regarding The Chasm were announced in live stream 2.5 Genshin Impact which premiered on Twitch last Friday, February 4, 2022.

The Chasm itself had long been expected to be released before Inazuma but it was postponed. Other areas such as Tsurumi Island and Enkanomiya in Inazuma were released earlier.

You who like to explore maps in Genshin Impact this definitely can't wait for the release of this area to go around. Here are some details about The Chasm:

The Story Behind The Chasm Genshin Impact

The Chasm Genshin Impact map

The Chasm Genshin Impact was released as a giant mining area and has become a major source of precious stones and metal ores (ore) in Liyue.

One of The Blackliff's 4 Star weapon series that is in the Shop "Paimon's Bargain" every month is also said to be made with materials originating from The Chasm.

But recently, some mysterious accidents occurred at The Chasm causing the entire area to be closed down. Automatically this makes the workers lose their jobs for a while.

The history of The Chasm begins around 6000 years ago. a giant meteorite hit the barren plains west of Liyue. This plain turned into a large and deep abyss, therefore it is called The Chasm.

The falling meteorite turned the area into a rich mineral rock and was used as a mining resource by the Liyue people.

Massive mining exploitation makes the environment in The Chasm worse. Erosion occurred and caused Azhdaha, a mythological creature that guards the area of wrath and there was a war with the Geo Archon.

Since then the remnants of the war have been uninhabited and many incidents followed at The Chasm which caused the mine to close. When this area is opened you can find various stories and the real reasons for this event.

The Chasm Release Date

Live stream special program 2.5 previously said The Chasm was released by Genshin Impact on updates upcoming 2.6. Updates this will be updates waiting for after updates This 2.5 February 2022.

The release of The Chasm was speculated as an opening playable character with the previously unreleased element that is Dendro.

Rumors are circulating that dendro characters, such as Yaoyao and Baizhu, will come out with The Chasm. But para leaker said the element would be released when another region, namely Sumeru, was on update 3.0

The addition of the Dendro element in Sumeru makes more sense because Sumeru is an area protected by Archon Dendro.

Esther, one of the NPCs that can be found in Dragonspine said The Chasm has a completely different climate from Liyue.

The Chasm is expected to have a climate-modifying temperature-like mechanic Sheer Cold on Dragonspine or Balethunder on Yashiori Island, Inazuma.

If referring to The Chasm is a mine, maybe the climate will be hot or have low oxygen pressure like a real life mine.

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Division of The Chasm Area

The Chasm Genshin Impact surface

The Chasm Genshin Impact mining area will be divided into 2 parts, namely the surface (The Surfaces) and underground (The Underground).

The Surfaces it is said to be surrounded by jagged and steep rocks. This area will be filled with unique rocks as well ore mysterious.

A precious stone called “Glazed Sand Crystal” will be found scattered throughout this place. Glaze Sand Crystal is the main material for making ceramics in Liyue.

The color of the soil and plants will have a distinctive color because of the geological conditions.

The Chasm Genshin Impact underground

underground mining area (The Underground) will have complex and complicated paths. You may find it difficult to explore this because the path is dangerous.

The surroundings were filled with plants that gave off light besides a lot of mineral stones

The Ruins Serpent

Ruin Serpent is enemy in the form of an ancient mechanical snake that dwelt in the depths of The Chasm. This machine suddenly came back to life for an unknown reason.

The Chasm Genshin Impact ruin serpent detail

The Ruin Serpent is known to have a design like a digging tool (digging machine). Its snake-like shape will move to crawl behind the shadows and not be seen.

You have to be extra careful when exploring this area so you don't encounter them enemy this one.

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