5 Most Useful Utility Items In Garena Free Fire

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Utility items in Free Fire very important. You must use them effectively to gain an advantage in battle. Check this post for more about utility items.

Free Fire is a fairly complex game with a number of utility items that allow players to gain a tactical advantage.

By using it correctly, players will be able to increase their winning chances. In this article, we will show you the 5 most useful utility items in Free Fire.

List of Most Useful FF Utility Items


Utility Items

Currently, the Inhaler is perhaps the most useful healing item in Free Fire. They grant EP and HP when used, similar to Ottero's Double Blubber. While obtaining one can be tricky, Inhalers are much easier to use than medkits because they are much faster.

Characters with EP-related skills like A124 or K can greatly benefit from inhalers. Since their skills have an EP cost, players can use multiple inhalers to overcome the problem.

Gloo Wall grenades

Utility Items

This portable barrier is perhaps the most iconic utility item in Free Fire. There are many ways to use Gloo Wall. Starting from blocking shots, trapping opponents, delaying vehicles and even climbing structures.

The versatility of the gloo wall grenade is why Mr. penguin's pet. Waggor is the most popular pet in the game. With Skyler being very popular recently, you have to be careful because their shield can be broken at any time.

The simple gloo wall in Free Fire has many uses. It can be used to block attacks, push opponents into corners, and even climb. They can be easily found in-game all over the map.

However, given their many uses, learning how to run them all proficiently will take time. That said, you should actively find and use gloo wall grenades in each match to gain a tactical advantage.

Vest And Helmet

Utility Items

Both are the most basic utility items in Free Fire, providing reduced damage against shots and explosions. You have to get them to survive in battle.

Vests and helmets come in several grades, the higher the level, the better the damage reduction.

However, there are weapons and skills that allow attacks to penetrate or even ignore armor. Therefore, players should not be careless even when they are wearing the best equipment.

When you duel an opponent who only wears a level 1 vest and you are level 3. There is no question that victory is yours.


Utility Items

Flashbang is a situational utility item in Free Fire that can be effective in certain situations. When triggered, it explodes and blinds the opponent, allowing the user to attack them or gain a better position.

Flashbangs are very popular in other games with smaller maps. In Free Fire, however, it's not as effective as combat which usually takes place in medium to long range.

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Utility Items

Smoke creates a cloud of smoke that lasts 25 seconds. It cannot be seen unless you are sitting right in the middle of the smoke. Apart from that, there is a special feature that smoke has that not many players know about, namely that it can disable aim-assist.

Enemies usually stop firing in smoke-covered areas. This makes it easier for you to approach and help a knocked teammate.

Furthermore, you can also smoke the location and go inside to heal, the enemy usually won't even notice. This strategy is quite effective in close combat and intense duels in areas that don't have much protection.

There are many utility items that players can use in-game to gain a tactical advantage.

They allow the user to explore unconventional tactics and, at times, completely outwit their opponents. While this may not result in a booyah, it does increase the chances of victory.

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So, those are the utility items in Free Fire that are most useful in battle. Not only is it an ordinary frill, but it provides excellent functionality. 

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