This is the reason why Chrono is better than Xayne at Free Fire

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Why is Chrono better than Xayne at Free Fire? It turns out that there are certain reasons that you need to know, bro!

Characters in Free Fire play an important role in helping players in their quest for victory. 

They have two different types of abilities, namely active and passive. Chrono and Xayne in Free Fire are one of the most popular options for the former category.

Over time, Chrono has been nerfed several times, while Xayne in Free Fire was buffed in the recent Free Fire update. As a result, many players wondered which one they should choose on the battlefield.

Chrono and Xayne's skills in Free Fire


Xayne at Free Fire

At the highest level, an impenetrable force field is created that blocks 800 damage. Individuals cannot attack outside enemies from within the field. It runs for 6 seconds, and there is a cooldown of 120 seconds for each use.

Upon activation, it creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from opponents at base level. On the other hand, players from the inside could shoot at the enemy.

At the same time, movement speed was increased by 15 percent. During skill activation, the team on the field receives a 10 percent increase in their speed. All of these effects last for 4 seconds, and their cooldown is 50 seconds.

As the character level increases, his abilities increase. Meanwhile, at maximum level, the user's movement speed increases by 30 percent, and that of teammates increases by 15 percent. Effect duration increased to 9, and cooldown reduced to 40 seconds.


Xayne at Free Fire

With Xayne's ability, the user receives 80 temporary HP (decays every second). There is a 130 percent increase in damage to Gloo Walls and shields. This ability lasts for 15 seconds and has a cooldown time of 100 seconds.

Reasons Chrono is Better Than Xayne at Free Fire

Cover In The Open

Xayne at Free Fire

Chrono force fields can offer players protection during critical situations, allowing them to perform tasks such as healing.

Additionally, it may also be beneficial if they don't have a Gloo Wall, and individuals can also equip pet Rockie to minimize overall cooldown time.

This ability is regularly observed among professional esports athletes for excellent protection during the end zone.

Players easily utilized shields. They can use it when raiding enemies in a compound or taking control of an area. The Time-Turner can be used without the gloo wall for a temporary cover.

Buffed movement speed also allows you to outplay enemies on the battlefield.

Helping Teammates

Xayne at Free Fire

You can use Chrono to your team advantage when playing duo or squad matches in Battle Royale or Clash Squad mode. In all of them, teammates are essential to succeed.

Character fields can help revive knocked-out allies or provide support when multiple enemies attack them.

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Instant Protection

Xayne at Free Fire

Since the character was released, one of the most convincing reasons for gamers choosing Chrono is the instant protection that Time Turner can provide instead of Xayne in Free Fire. This may be important in terms of their overall survival on the battlefield.

That said, the temporary health and increased damage to Gloo Walls and shields can make Xayne in Free Fire a better choice for those who want to go all out.

While the other options like Alok, K, and Jota are pretty good, none of them have what it takes to stand up to or match Chrono.

Time Tuner increases movement speed by 30 percent, at the highest level unmatched by any character. The next option is Joseph who increases his sprint speed by 20 percent when taking damage.

Fighting Chrono's moves is quite difficult for players because there is a shield that protects the entire Chrono team from enemies.

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Those are some of the reasons why Chrono is much better to use than Xayne in Free Fire. Do you prefer Chrono or Xayne in Free Fire?

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