Complete Schedule for MPL ID Season 11 Week Four

MPL schedule

Timetable MPL The fourth week of ID Season 11, which will roll out on Friday (10/3/2023) will be even hotter with the competition between the temporary tops of the standings.

It is known that there are eight teams that will compete in the tournament Mobile Legends for Indonesia this time.

For more details, let's look at the schedule!

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MPL ID Season 11 Week Four Schedule

ONIC Esports and RRQ will compete again in the fourth week to fight for the position. 

They will compete against their respective enemies. ONIC Esports will play two matches in week four. Namely against Bigetron (BTR) and Geek Slate.

Meanwhile, RRQ will play three matches. Namely against Geek Slate, Alter Ego, and Bigetron (BTR).

Of course it will be very interesting to see the results of the match this week. Will ONIC Esports suffer its first defeat and RRQ Hoshi manage to take the top of the provisional standings? 

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Where to Watch MPL ID Season 11

For those of you who want to witness the match in Week 4, of course, you need to know the MPL schedule for this week. 

But before that, you need to know about where to watch the matches of the fourth week.

The MPL ID Season 11 match was broadcast live from the Sanctuary Auditorium, Menara Kuningan, Jl HR Rasuna Said No. Kav 5, Kuningan, South Jakarta. 

Besides being able to come directly to the venue, you can also watch all MPL ID Season 11 matches on the channel YouTube MPL Indonesia.

Apart from that, you can also watch it by streaming via live broadcast on the MPL Indonesia YouTube channel.

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MPL ID Season 11 Week Four Schedule

MPL schedule
Week 4 MPL schedule. Source:

You can provide support to your team in this week's matches.

Previously, of course you need to know when your favorite team will compete. Here's the schedule:

Friday, March 10, 2023

  • 14:00 WIB – Geek vs RRQ Hoshi
  • 17:00 WIB – Alter Ego vs EVOS Legends
  • 20:00 WIB – Rebellion Zion vs Aura Fire

Saturday, March 11, 2023

  • 11:00 WIB – RRQ Hoshi vs Alter Ego
  • 14:00 WIB – Geek vs Aura Fire
  • 17:00 WIB – ONIC vs BTR
  • 20:00 WIB – EVOS Legends vs Rebellion Zion

Sunday, March 12, 2023

  • 15:00 WIB – ONIC vs Geek
  • 18:00 WIB – BTR vs RRQ Hoshi
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Provisional Standings for MPL ID Season 11 until Week Three

MPL schedule
Week 4 MPL Standings. Source:

Here are the current standings for MPL ID Season 11 until week three:

  1. ONIC Esports | 7-0 | 14-4 | +10
  2. RRQ | 5-1 | 10-3 | +7
  3. EVOS Legends | 4-3 | 11-8 | +3
  4. Geek Slate | 3-3 | 8-7 | +1
  5. Bigetron Alpha | 3-4 | 8-10 | -2
  6. Rebellion Zion| 3-4 | 6-10 | -4
  7. AURA Fire| 1-6 | 6-12 | -6
  8. Alter Ego | 1-6 | 3-12 | -9
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MPL ID Season 11 Week Three Results Recap

MPL schedule
MPL Week Three Results. Source:

The third week of MPL ID Season 11 matches took place from March 3rd to March 5th. 

In the third week, there were 9 exciting matches between the teams. For those of you who missed the match, here are the results of the third week of MPL ID Season 11:

Friday, March 03, 2023

  • 14:00 WIB – Geek vs Alter Ego (2-0)
  • 17:00 WIB – Rebellion Zion vs Bigetron (2-1)
  • 20:00 WIB – EVOS Legends vs Aura Fire (2-1)

Saturday, 04 March 2023

  • 11:00 WIB – Bigetron vs Geek Slate (1-2)
  • 14:00 WIB – Rebellion Zion vs RRQ Hoshi (0-2)
  • 17:00 WIB – Alter Ego vs Aura Fire (0-2)
  • 20:00 WIB – ONIC Esports vs EVOS Legends (2-1)

Sunday, March 05, 2023

  • 15:00 WIB – Alter Ego vs Bigetron (0-2)
  • 18:00 WIB – ONIC Esports vs Rebellion Zion (2-0)
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So, that's the schedule for MPL ID Season 11 which will be presented this week. Who is your favorite team in MPL season 11?

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