Geek Fam Story ID Rebranding to Geek Slate


Those of you who are fans of esports tournaments, of course, already know that one of the participating teams for MPL ID Season 11, namely Geek Fam ID, will use a new name for this season's competition. 

This can happen because they have collaborated with an esports organization from Singapore, namely Slate Esports.  Thus creating a new team called Geek Slate.

It will be interesting to see the progress of this team in this MPL ID Season. 

For those who don't know, Slate Esports itself is an esports organization from Avium. Namely, a company founded by Ivan Yeo, the former head of EVOS Esports.

Apart from that, this company also has a Mobile Legends esports team in Singapore with the roster being former EVOS SG players.

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Things You Should Know About the Geek Slate

Geek logos. Source:

As a reborn team, there are a few things you should know about this team. For more details, let's look at the following review!

Not a New Figure in the World of Esports

Geeks and Slates. Source:

The collaboration between the two Esports teams has brought new hope for the Geek Slate team to be able to talk a lot about MPL ID S11.

This is because the two teams are old players who are full of experience in the world of esports.

Geek himself, for example, has participated in MPL ID since season 4.

Meanwhile, from the Slate Esports side, although he is still considered a newcomer, the name of the founder, Ivan Yeo, is a person who has been active in the Indonesian Mobile Legends realm for a long time. 

Will Create a Battle of Prestige between Geek Slate and EVOS Legends

The MPL Geek Slate Team. Source:

As previously known, Ivan Yeo is an important part of Slate Esports. He is the founder of Avium which is the parent company of Slate Esports.

Not only that, Ivan has also been a part of the long history of MPL ID. Because he used to be the CEO of the EVOS Legends team. 

Now he's back with a new team, and will certainly be one of the serious challengers in the MPL ID S11 championship race.

This will be interesting, because later in the match between these two teams it will create a prestige battle with the history between the two parties.

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Geek Slate Has Potential to Get Into Other Games

DOTA 2 team. Source:

Previously, this team had already appeared in the Dota 2 esports team. And it can be concluded that currently Geek Slate already has two esports teams in different game branches.

By looking at this trend, there is a possibility that this team will form an Esports team from other games. Especially the esports teams currently owned by Geek Fam will also be rebranding and using this new team name.

Based on the official press release, they said that they agreed to rebrand the PMPL Malaysia team as well.

So, that's our discussion this time about the Geek Slate.

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