Latest Clear Livery Bussid PO Hariyanto SHD 2023

livery bussid po hariyanto shd clear

PO Hariyanto SHD's clear bussid livery is one of the coolest things and is indeed the most sought after by players in 2023.

Talking about Bus Simulator games Indonesia will not be endless. One of them is about PO Haryanto. PO Haryanto is a well-known car company based in Kudus City, Central Java.

In PO Hariyanto SHD's clear bussid livery, this is what attracts the players of this game. Bussid livery can be customized according to the buses currently operating in Indonesia. One of the liveries that many bussid sport celebrities are looking for is the PO Haryanto livery.

The popularity of this bus company has made its vehicles much sought after by Indonesian Bus Simulator players. 

Some of them made their own appearances and some uploaded Haryanto's bus through various media such as Google and YouTube.

By downloading the PO livery car. However, many players want to add to their collection of displays for their cars. This is done so that the players of this simulation game do not get bored easily. 

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Livery Bussid PO Hariyanto SHD Clear

Livery Bus Simulator Haryanto Puppet
Puppet Livery Bus Simulator. Source: Dafunda

The Kudus kretek city car industry has a very big magnet in the Indonesian business world. Not only in the real world, in the virtual world like the Bussid game, Hariyanto's livery is indeed in great demand. It's no wonder PO Haryanto's bussid livery, SHD, HDD, XHD Prime and Evanext are in great demand.

So if Vicigers currently playing bussid and looking for haryanto livery, below we have lots of livery for you to download for free. 

In this article, what we share is only the Bussid Haryanto livery. There are various color choices that you can use in the Bus Simulator game. 

PO Haryanto's livery itself has a different color for each car unit. However, what makes PO Haryanto easy to recognize is the writing of the company name, namely PO. 

Haryanto is written in quotation marks and next to it is a picture of a sacred tower which shows the origin of this PO. 

Next, the most popular bus display designs are those with puppets. Although some bus units use a display in the form of line drawings or geometric graphic images.

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So, below are some of the latest 2023 clear bussid po Hariyanto shd livery recommendations that you can use with various cool colors and motifs. Hurry scroll down!

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How to Install a Livery Bus

Playing car simulator games is not enough if the car you drive is simple and nothing. For this reason, the presence of Livery BussID seems to be able to help so that you can design the appearance of the bus according to your needs. Livery BussID is a skin or car display design in the Indonesian BussID simulation game.

Livery BussID offers a variety of bus display schemes from various popular bus companies in the country. You can choose to use a car show like PO Hariyanto.

Those who like several soccer clubs can also choose Persib, Persija, Persebaya, and others. There is also a BussID box with police officers looking for people who want to experience the thrill of driving a police car.

Most car simulation MODs are offered in a simple form without livery. Here's how to apply the BussID livery to change the appearance of the bus:

  1. You only need to download the various liveries that are already above
  2. File transfers are usually in PNG format image format
  3. Open the BussID game and select the Use Garage menu (choose the car you want to change its appearance)
  4. Click the “color” icon in the upper left corner of the car
  5. Import the livery file that you downloaded in PNG format
  6. Click Install
  7. If a notification appears, select the "Free" option and wait for the process to complete.
  8. The car has changed shape

Now there are also various Mod BussID new trucks and cars that you can download for free from various websites. All you have to do is look for the latest luxury buses on BussID using the livery according to your preferences.

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