Livery Bussid, Let's Make Your Bus Cooler!

Zenitsu view

Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) game players certainly know the BUSSID livery. Because this really has an impact on the appearance of the buses they use while in the game.

Of course, many people already know the game Bus Simulator Indonesia or BUSSID.

Moreover, this game has been downloaded more than 100 million times on PlayStore.

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Indonesian Bus Simulator

bussid livery
Livery Bus Simulator Indonesia.

BUSSID is an interesting bus simulator game with simple gameplay to play.

This game from Maleo has been offered for a long time. Since about five years ago, namely March 27, 20217.

Please note that Maleo is a game developer who has published a number of games on the Play Store.

The games Maleo has downloaded besides Bus Simulator Indonesia, Car Driving Online and Telolet Maker.

There are many things offered in the BUSSID game. Among them, how do you gain experience as a bus driver.

Currently, on August 26 2022 to be precise, the latest version of this game has been published, namely update 3.7.1.
To download it, an Android 5.1 and higher device is required.

There are many interesting features in the game. Among them, you can be creative in designing your own BUSSID livery. Besides that, you can also control it easily.

For Indonesian citizens, this game allows you to play in a native Indonesian local city.

Apart from that, the buses in the game are also original Indonesian buses with telolet bus horns.

The developers of this game can also be said to have paid attention to the display to make the players more comfortable. Because, the graphic quality offered by this game is detailed.

You can also play in convoy or multiplayer mode.

This game is available for all ages. So anyone can play this game.

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BUSSID livery

Garage Menu. bussid livery
Bus Simulator Garage Menu. Source: Play Store

BUSSID Livery is a file that allows Bus Simulator Indonesia game players to change the appearance of their car.

There are many views that can make you modify the appearance of the bus.

So that the vehicle you drive will be even cooler with a variety of livery choices.

Previously, please note that there are several types of buses in this game.

There are several choices of bussid livery that can be downloaded.

Of course, this choice will make your bus even cooler.

Here are some choices of bussid livery reported from here is the download link:

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How to Install Livery

Zenitsu view
Display Livery Zenitsu. Source: YouTube/Street Livery

How to install the livery on the bus in the game is very easy.

To install a bussid livery, there are several steps you need.

Here's how:

  • Download the livery you like to your cellphone and save it to the desired folder
  • Specify the folder you want to be the storage location
  • Make sure there is an Indonesian Bus Simulator application on your cellphone
  • Open the app
  • Enter the Garage Menu in the game
  • Enter the livery file in the garage menu
  • Next you have to choose a file manager
  • Specify the desired image
  • Choose one of the livery that you previously saved
  • Come back and see how your bus is
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Now, try to get livery on. So, the appearance of your bus in the game is even cooler.

Feel the experience of being a bus driver in this game using only your smartphone.

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