Download Link and How to Install Livery Bus Simulator HD!

Livery Bus Simulator Argentina

Game Bus Simulator Indonesia is a very famous bus driving simulation game. Uniquely, players can use various kinds of livery in this Indonesian Bus Simulator game.

Game made by the nation's children it provides a menu for players to change the livery according to taste. However, unfortunately the available livery is quite limited.

This time, VCGamers will discuss about the Bus Simulator livery that you can downloads for free. All the liveries in this article are made by various Indonesian Bus Simulator communities.

Curious about what livery and how to install it in the game? Come on, see the full discussion below!

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What is Livery Bus Simulator?

Choice of Bus Simulators
Bus Choice. Source: Play Store

You as a player can change the livery or theme of the bus you have. Of course, the livery replacement feature is a unique advantage in this game.

The existence of a livery change feature makes players not get bored easily. Lots of livery available for players that have been made by the Indonesian Bus Simulator game lover community.

Not only that, you can also create design livery as desired. However, this article will only discuss livery download links made by the community.

For those of you who don't have the time and skills to design your own livery, don't worry! VCGamers will provide various livery links along with how to use them for favorite buses in the game.

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Download links

The following is a download link for the bus livery along with pictures so you can see whether the livery below is suitable or not.

For maximum results, of course you have to use the available download link so that the livery looks clearer because the quality will be better.

Haryanto Wayang

Livery Bus Simulator Haryanto Puppet
Livery Haryanto Puppet. Source: Dafunda

Download Links: Haryanto Wayang

Livery Free Fire

Livery Bus Simulator Free Fire
Livery Free Fire. Source: ReviewTekno

Download Links: Free Fire

Hu Tao Genshin Impact

Hu Tao
Livery Hu Tao. Source: YouTube/Street Livery

Download Links: Hu Tao Black and Hu Tao Yellow

Naruto Akatsuki Bus Simulator

Livery Bus Simulator Akatsuki
Livery Akatsuki. Source: Dunia Games

Download Links: Naruto Akatsuki

Livery Argentina Wins the World Cup

Livery Bus Simulator Argentina
Argentinian Liveries. Source: YouTube/Street Livery

Download Links: Argentina 1 and Argentina 2

Livery Zenitsu

Zenitsu view
Display Livery Zenitsu. Source: YouTube/Street Livery

Download Links: Zenitsu

Livery Gawr Gura

Livery Bus Simulator Gawr Gura
Gawr Gura Livery Collection. Source: YouTube/Street Livery

Download Links: SHD Black, SDD, HD, Arjun XHD, Heroine, SHD Geprek Putih.

Thus the best livery download link according to the author. If you are still curious about other livery, you can visit YouTube's channel Street Liveries.

The YouTube channel provides a large collection of livery buses which are uploaded every day to date.

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How to use Livery Bus Simulator

Garage Menu
Bus Simulator Garage Menu. Source: Play Store

If you have downloaded the livery you like, you can use the livery in the Bus Simulator game. The following is how to use the livery that you have downloaded according to Coizz Gaming:

  1. Download your favorite livery to a folder available on your smartphone.
  2. Select the download folder and move the livery file to the BUSSID folder.
  3. Open Bus Simulator Indonesia and select the Garage menu.
  4. Select the Livery File menu and click BUSSID File Manager.
  5. Select Pictures and click the BUSSID option.
  6. Determine the livery you want to use and click Open.
  7. Livery will be applied to player buses.

That's how to use the Bus Simulator livery from the download as you wish, I hope it's useful!

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