Explore Web3! RRQ Introduces NFT Membership Program

Membership NFT RRQ

RRQ introduced a membership program NFTs based on a blockchain in collaboration with Zillqia, a low-cost, high-performance layer-1 blockchain.

This membership or membership program is provided to all fans of the team esports Global based in Indonesia.

To note, the steps taken by RRQ is a new history in Indonesia. Because, they are the first esports team in Indonesia to transition the membership program to blockchain.

The presence of NFT membership from RRQ and Zillqia will certainly provide a number of benefits for all RRQ fans, RRQ Kingdom.

What are the benefits? What are the membership levels of the RRQ NFT?

For more details, let's look at the review!

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RRQ NFT Membership Program

King Pass and Royal Card NFT RRQ
NFT Memberships

World Web3 in Indonesia continues to experience development from time to time. Recently, an esports team based in Indonesia took steps to develop by utilizing Web3 technology.

That team is RRQ, one of the biggest global esports teams that has shown its achievements in various tournaments to world championships.

This was marked by RRQ's move to introduce the NFT membership program to all of its fans.

RRQ CEO, Andrian Pauline stated, this NFT membership program is the latest breakthrough made to bring RRQ closer to everyone, especially the RRQ Kingdom.

The man who is called Mr AP this explains, there will be a number of benefits that will be received by the RRQ Kingdom when owning the RRQ NFT.

"The RRQ NFT is definitely a breakthrough, especially in the Indonesian esports scene. In this era of rapidly developing technology, I want fans like RRQ Kingdom to also evolve and be able to continue to support RRQ through Web3," he said as quoted from the official website teamrrq.

Mr. AP stated that the RRQ NFT will also be used in the RRQVerse which they will launch.

"So, RRQ NFT owners can meet, talk, and even play with players on RRQVerse," he said.

He admits that he is happy to work with Zillqia. Because, it can continue to innovate in line with the development of new technology for its fans.

Head of Business Development – Sporting and Gaming at Zilliqa, Tom Fleetham, stated, Web3 technology allows fans to get rewards from esports teams.

Besides that, Web3 can also facilitate the creation of a closer relationship between esports teams and their fan base.

"RRQ has passionate fans and this loyalty will be rewarded through discounts, gifts, events and experiences, all of which are exclusive to RRQ King Pass and RRQ Royal Card holders," he said.

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Two Tiers of RRQ NFT Membership

Royal Card Membership

There will be two different levels of members in this program. Each is the RRQ King Pass and RRQ Royal Card.

The two membership cards have their respective uses which of course will be useful and can be used by RRQ fans.

RRQ King Pass

NFT RRQ King Pass
King Pass

RRQ King Pass is a membership in the form of a blockchain-based digital asset or NFT (Non-Fungible Token). This membership is free for RRQ fans.

RRQ fans who own this NFT can get exclusive benefits across all RRQ platforms.

All RRQ fans can upgrade their membership to the RRQ King Pass right now.

To do this, you only need to visit the nft.teamrrq.io page.

No need to worry, the membership upgrade is free of charge, aka FREE, just by registering a membership.

So, for those of you who haven't upgraded, just visit the official page.

RRQ Royal Card

NFT RRQ Royal Card
Royal Cards

The next one is the RRQ Royal Card. This NFT RRQ membership will make you have an exclusive membership.

Well, this RRQ Royal Card is limited. Because, only 1,000 were distributed.

RRQ Royal Card holders will automatically become Royal Members. Cool isn't it?

There are many benefits that you will get when you become a Royal Member of RRQ.

Some of them are that you can attend exclusive events and get a Royal Box which contains special physical products in it and free access to online to face-to-face events.

Apart from that, the RRQ Royal Card will also allow the owner to get discounts, prizes, access to face-to-face and online events and more.

Not only that, if you become a RRQ Royal Card holder then you can get a Royal Box. The contents of the Royal Box are limited edition apparel and exclusive RRQ memorabilia.

The price for the Royal Card is IDR 2.5 million for the Whitelist and IDR 3 million for the public.

Reasons for RRQ Using Blockchain Technology

RRQ logo

So, there are several reasons why RRQ chose to take steps to use blockchain technology.

At least, there are three reasons presented so that RRQ presents Membership NFT.

First, because RRQ realizes that the Royal membership that its fans have must be valid for life.

With this NFT Membership, there are no annual payments to become a Royal member.

Apart from that, owners can make their Royal Cards available for trading or as gifts.

The second reason is due to attention to transparency. Because, blockchain is possible to provide transparent principles. So, all members can find out who the Royal RRQ members are.

Not only that, everyone can also find out the trading history of the Royal Cards themselves. In fact, up to the amount of profit earned.

Blockchain will also show who made the Royal Card. Thus, this avoids fraud from fake sellers.

The third reason is because RRQ has a big commitment to become the leading Esports Team in the development of Web3 technology.

Not without reason, but because they believe that this technology will make it easier for them to be closer to their community.

Also, this technology also allows them to offer even more benefits for their fans.

In addition, RRQ will also find it easier to integrate membership between the RRQ application, website and RRQverse by utilizing blockchain technology.

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For information, VCGamers has also launched VCGamers Launchpad which enables game developers and publishers to bring Web3 and Blockchain technology to their games.

You can register your game right now by going to the page VCGamers Launchpad!

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