How to Register Games on VCGamers Launchpad

How to Register Games on VCGamers Lauchpad

How to register games on VCGamers Launchpad very easy. It is designed so that you can be assisted in get the best game development services from VCGamers.

As we all know that VCGamers has officially released and introduced one of its newest products to the public, namely VCGamers Launchpad.

VCGamers Launchpad comes as a solution for game developers and publishers who want to present blockchain technology and ecosystem Web3 in their game.

Apart from that, VCGamers Launchpad is also here to expand the distribution area of a game so that it can be known more widely.

To get this service, you can start by registering your game at VCGamers Launchpad.

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How to Register Games on VCGamers Launchpad

How to Register Games on VCGamers Launchpad
VCGamers Launchpad

To be able to access the services in VCGamers Launchpad, you must know how to register your game.

There are several steps that need to be taken so that your game can be immediately registered on VCGamers Launchpad, what are they? Let's see!

  1. Go to the VCGamers Launchpad website and click the “Launch Your Project Now” button.
    how to register vcgamers launchpad (4)
  2. After that, you will first be directed to connect your digital wallet via Safepal, Metamask, or using the BSC network
    Connect Wallet VCGamers Launchpad
  3. Please fill in your Profile Details here and click Save Profile when completed.

    How to Register VCGamers Launchpad Game
    how to register vcgamers launchpad game

  4. After Connect Wallet, you will be directed back to the initial tab, and press "Launch Your Project Now".
    List of Games on Launchpad
  5. Fill out the form with the necessary information about your game, including title, genre, platform and a short description.

    VCGamers Launchpad
    VCGamers Launchpad
    VCGamers Launchpad

    Register VCGamers Launchpad

  6. Download your Team Project Member Information and enter the items you want to register.

    how to register a game on vcgamers launchpad

  7. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and confirm that you meet the requirements for the application.
  8. Submit form.
  9. Wait for a response from the VCGamers Launchpad team. 
  10. If your game is selected, you will be contacted via email.
  11. Follow the instructions provided by the VCGamers Launchpad team to complete the authentication process and arrange a meeting to discuss your plans for the platform.
  12. If everything is done, your game will be registered on VCGamers Launchpad.

Easy isn't it? Yes, register your game right now!

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Game Registration Terms and Conditions

How to Register Games on VCGamers Launchpad
VCGamers Launchpad

Game developers and publishers must comply with the terms and conditions that have been set.

If you meet the existing terms and conditions, then you can continue the process of registering the game at VCGamers Launchpad.


  • You are the developer or publisher of the game to be registered
  • You must own the rights to distribute the game in the territory you choose.
  • You must provide a valid e-mail address for a contact person authorized to represent your company.
  • Your game must not violate any law or third party rights.
  • Your game may not contain objectionable content or features, as determined by VCGamers in its sole discretion.

These are the requirements that must be met to register your game on Launchpad.

These simple requirements will certainly make it easier for those of you who want to register the game.

Don't miss this opportunity and develop your game using Blockchain technology right now!

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VCGamers Launchpad

VCGamers Launchpad is a product of VCGamers, the first Web3 Social Commerce Platform in Indonesia.

This product from VCGamers was launched to invite local game developers and publishers to connect with gamers and the larger gaming community.

Apart from that, VCGamers Launchpad is also here so that game developers can monetize their games through the use of blockchain technology.

Game developers can do this by trading digital assets in-game items at the beginning before the game was officially released.

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