Is Web3 Game Development Going to Become a Bar to Reach?

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Currently, there may still be some people who are not familiar with Web3. Despite all the web sources, both trusted and untrusted certainly deserve credit for covering the topic Web3 game development.

Maybe you still don't know what phenomenon is behind this Web3 term. In short, Web3 has everything it takes to become the new internet literate.

This time we'll dive deeper into Web3 and unravel the mystery of how this new term will affect the way humanity develops video games.

At present, we can see some manifestations of Web3 game development, so there is a lot to talk about. So, without further ado, let's get started!

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What is Web3, and What Does it Relate to Gaming

Advantages of Blockchain Traceability
Blockchains. Source: Rawpixels

Many companies, such as for example, Game-Ace, has grasped the essence of the phenomenon hidden behind the term Web3 and started developing games relying on blockchain technology.

Yes, you guessed it! Web3 is a term that denotes the revolution of the internet with the help of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and, of course, blockchain.

So this is the distributed ledger system that powers the blockchain, especially the network of computers that act as a shared server for others to join and store data. In addition to these functions, Web3 allows you to prove and transfer ownership of digital assets via the blockchain using automatically functioning programs called smart contracts.

In other words, game developers are already leveraging this technology to incorporate NFTs into their applications.

Wait, What is this NFT? How does it relate to Web3? Yes, it's all very simple. 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are a subset of blockchain technology in that they are a kind of cryptocurrency but more complex and valuable, enabling internet users to buy or sell virtual asset holdings such as, say, in-game weapons, items, characters, or even land.

Web3 Value for Game Owners

Advantages of Blockchain Use Case, web games3
Blockchains. Source: Built In

Now we know that gaming NFTs are part of Web3, creating decentralized entertainment applications. But what are the advantages of making such a product for the owner himself? Let's find out.

New Source of Income

Video games integrated with blockchain technology allow you to profit from transaction fees.

Since players can acquire in-game assets in the form of NFTs as they progress through your game, they are free to do whatever they want with them. So they might want to sell it on your own NFT marketplace.

Once the new asset owner gets the rights to the item, you get a transaction fee.

Wider Audience & Brand Awareness

After releasing your first Web3 game, chances are you won't have to wait too long to win over a wider audience than before. 

The world of technology is developing at a fast pace, so you better adapt to the fast changes.

Scalability Prospects

With the Web3 tech stack onboard, you can scale your game from the traditional domain to the NFT and then into the metaverse, constantly surprising audiences and getting new opportunities for growth.

Either way, Web3 game owners will have a new set of vectors to follow. They can also include third-party services in their product as blockchain facilitates such functionality and ensures total security.

Best Way to Use Web3

Illustration of the advantages of Blockchain game, web3
Blockchain illustration. Source: Al-Fanar Media

One of the best approaches to Web3 game development involves working with a professional studio with a lot of experience building such projects.  Look for a responsible and reliable technology partner that you can trust your Web3 game with without hesitation. 

Without a doubt, you should research competitors, find information on the most suitable Web3 game developers out there, and sift through the best of the best to find what you're looking for.

However, in the end, what you will get is a pro who is adept at building your Web3 game projects from small scraps into scalable products. 

Outsourcing or outsourcing is a great way to start making your first (or even second) steps into the world of Web3 gaming.

In the end, that's how you minimize risk, cut your development budget, and ensure that your app is free from major bugs and delivers attention-grabbing gameplay.

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