Pros of Rosaria Build as an Off-Field DPS!

Rosaria is a 4 star character and has Cryo vision in the game Genshin Impact. Even though it's only a 4-star character, with the right Rosaria build, this character can deal quite high damage, compensating for a 5-star character.

This time, VCGamers will discuss a little about builds and will focus on the advantages of using Rosaria in team composition. Not only for Melt Comp, Rosaria can also become an Off-Field DPS for Freeze Comp.

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Rosaria Build Off-Field DPS

Rosaria Build
Build Artifacts, Weapons, and Team Compositions for Rosaria. Source: VCGamers

As an Off-Field DPS, Rosaria can use three main artifacts as shown above. Blizzard Strayer's can provide a +18% Cryo Damage buff, Noblesse Oblige provides +20% Elemental Burst Damage, and a full set of Emblem of Severed Fate which can increase Elemental Burst Damage according to Energy Recharge.

As for weapons, there are many options suitable for Rosaria. The Primordial Jade-Winged Spear can be a suitable 5-star weapon because it provides high ATK and Crit Rate. Apart from that, Deathmatch also provides a high Crit Rate.

Vicigers can use The Catch to buff Elemental Burst Damage and Energy Recharge. Rosaria requires quite a high Energy Recharge so The Catch's 2nd Stat, Energy Recharge, is very useful.

Team composition Melt this time it contains Bennett as a healer and giving buffs, Kazuha as grouping enemy and Elemental Shred with Viridiscent Venerer, and Hu Tao or other Pyro DPS as main DPS.

Excess Rosaria As Off-Field DPS

Rosaria Build Talent
Talent for Optimal Build Rosaria. Source: VCGamers

With the build and team composition as above, Rosaria can become an Off-Field DPS that provides continuous Cryo applications. Even if players use the main DPS when fighting enemies, Elemental Burst from Rosaria will still be there.

Rosaria's Elemental Burst is an ice spear that stabs into the ground and continues to deal Cryo damage for its duration. This is very useful because it will help DPS with Pyro elements to produce high Melt reactions.

Here are the advantages of using the Rosaria build as an Off-Field DPS. This advantage is very useful especially for other characters. Come on, see the discussion below!

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High Damage Thanks to Rosaria Build

Rosaria Build Elemental Burst
Elemental Burst Rosaria Build Damage in Spiral Abyss. Source: VCGamers

By using the main DPS, namely the character Pyro, the composition of this team will focus on Melt's reaction. The Melt reaction will double the damage if the Pyro element hits an enemy affected by the Cryo element.

So, Elemental Burst from Rosaria will provide an indirect damage buff to the Pyro character as the main PDS. Apart from that, Rosaria's Elemental Burst can also override the main Pyro DPS attack and the damage from Rosaria's Elemental Burst will increase.

Overall, Rosaria is perfect for being an Off-Field DPS and producing Melt reactions. If Vicigers doesn't have a 5-star Pyro character, then Xiangling can be an option.

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More Flexible Cryo Elements

Rosaria Build Freeze
Freeze Team Composition Using Rosaria. Source: VCGamers

In addition to high damage due to the Melt reaction, the Cryo element can produce a Freeze reaction. This Freeze reaction is very beneficial because players can freely attack Frozen or Frozen enemies.

With a combination of Cryo elements from Elemental Burst Rosaria and Hydro applications from other characters like Ayato, the enemy will always be Freeze. Moreover, Venti as a character can do grouping will make resistance to enemies easier.

So, Rosaria is very profitable to become an Off-Field DPS. High damage and more flexible Cryo elements are two of Rosaria's main strengths as an Off-Field DPS character. For Genesis Crystal top up needs, come on, visit VC Market by VCGamers!

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