Meaning of Roaming ML: Matching Functions and Heroes

roaming ML means

Roaming ML means exploring the map in the Land of Dawn. When you play games Mobile Legends, you must have heard the words that are often said or written by other players. 

Aa many words that you may not know as a beginner or have never heard of. One is roaming, then ML roaming what does that mean?

Mobile Legends players often use the word roaming to guide the course of the game. So this term is very important for you to know so you don't get confused while in the game.

By doing this, you can work with your team to defeat your enemies and win the game. 

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Roaming ML Meaning

How to Become an ML Roamer Roaming Route
Roaming Route. Source: YouTube/Charles Studio

You certainly know that Roaming ML itself comes from the word 'Roam', which means roaming.

So if to navigate means to walk. Apart from that there is also the word 'Roamer' which means walker. 

We can implement it when fighting in the game Mobile Legends.

Roaming ML means a program to explore all the maps in Mobile Legends. This is very useful for helping the team fight enemies that have gathered to be successful in battle.

When moving, you must ensure that the enemy's movements are strong. Namely by pushing the opponent. 

The role that has a position to navigate is actually a Midlaner. In addition, the Offlaner or Sidelaner roles can also be moved to help Midlaners.

In Mobile Legends, there are moves that tanks or support must use. This depends on the situation encountered in the game.

Therefore, you must be able to read the game well so that the elements of movement can be used effectively for the team.

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Roaming function in Mobile Legends 

Minimap Mobile Legends
Minimap Mobile Legends. Source: SPIN Esports

When playing Mobile Legends, you will really explore the map. You can start from the top first, to the middle, then down the map, or vice versa.

Roaming means the hero moves from one area to another. The goal is to help our team's heroes face two or more opposing heroes. 

Each hero can move around the Mobile Legends map, so they can go from the road to the forest, or vice versa. 

Not all heroes will do this, preferably someone who is working becomes a mobile person and the person working stays in one place. 

If you are assigned to be a ranger, your job is to become a supporter and use your powers to help other heroes. In addition, roamers are also tasked with tracking enemy locations. 

By moving from place to place, scouts know where the enemy is, as well as his team, you can plan the right way to attack. This good plan will be effective in winning the game.

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Roaming Mobile Legends heroes 

The Painful Faramis Build
Faramis MLBB. Source: VCGamers.

Usually the right hero to fill Roamer's position is a tank hero or support hero.

Not without reason, but because both roles have unique advantages that make them suitable for the Roamer position.

For example, in terms of HP power, movement speed, escape ability and high defense value, it will be difficult for your enemies to finish them off. 

As we know, Faramis is one of the heroes who got a makeover in Project Next 4 directed by Moonton.

In the revamp, Faramis' ability as a mage/support was really feared, even to the point where Faramis was banned via the draft option.

One of the abilities that makes Faramis good for use as a Roamer is his best skill which, if activated, the team around Faramis will get additional HP and the ability to "survive", including for Faramis himself. 

So, Roamer's main task is to help his team which is being surrounded by the opposing team's heroes.

So, a Roamer must be able to read the situation and not be 'blind to the map'. Because they have to be able to know how the condition of their teammates.

After that, you have to provide assistance to a teammate who is being attacked by the opposing team.

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