Medieval Dynasty Game Recommendations: Many Genres In One!

Medieval Dynasty Featured

This time we will review the game Medieval Dynasty. This game is perfect for those of you who like casual and indie games.

From the name, maybe you can already guess that this one game will have a background in the medieval era.

But what sets this title apart from other historical installations is the presence of a combination of multiple genres packed into one.

In Medieval Dynasty you can explore open-world fields from a first-person perspective in crafting games and survival which is wrapped as a town building simulation as well as a strategy to build a dynasty.

So, curious about the title "hodgepodge" like that? Check out the explanation below first!

Get to know the Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty Open World

For those who really don't know about the ins and outs of this game, we will give a little general overview.

This game is developed by Cube rendering (a developer from Poland). This early access game was first released via the Steam platform back in September 2020.

For the official launch, various stages were carried out in collaboration with Toplitz Production (as publisher) based in Germany and Austria.

As a game that belongs to the indie category, Medieval Dynasty received a pretty good reception at the start of its release.

This game got a positive response when it was released. Especially from gamers who also gave testimonials.

al this can be seen based on the number of reviews obtained from steam users. To date, more than 24 thousand testimonials have been entered with the conclusions obtained with a very positive status.

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Combining So Many Genres

Medieval Dynasty 1

As has been explained more or less, what is unique about Medieval Dynasty is their attempt to mix up so many genres and features into one unified bundling.

However, instead of seeming messy and aimless, the resulting plurality looks harmonious – in sync with one attribute and another. This characteristic is certainly not found in many other games.

The first impression that you will find when you start this game is the similar vibes that are often highlighted by any survival genre. The featured graphics remind VCGamers of titles like Ark: Survival Evolved.

Even so, on several lines, Medieval Dynasty's detail is quite good so that the realism aspect can still be more striking.

One thing that feels stuck is the lack of emphasis on depictions of life in the middle ages era. We feel that the setting used is even more like the biomes and civilization of America in the cowboy era. This instead makes it exactly like the low-budget version of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Medieval Dynasty setting
Medieval Dynasty Similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 Low-budget Version. Source: VCGamers

But at least, the open-world feature which gives players the opportunity to explore the ins and outs of ancient Europe is enough to "save" this game from monotony.

What's more, as the embodiment of a strategy entry, the immersiveness factor can also be further increased along with the demands of the game that require the establishment of a successful dynasty.

VCGamers also believes that combining things like the one above is not easy. If one misstep, this will damage the overall integrity of the title itself.

And seeing Render Cube manage to bring it all into a pretty neat concept, we believe this game deserves a chance.

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In accordance with the description above, we certainly recommend this game for you to try to play.

Especially for casual gamers who are reluctant to step on mainstream titles, this one game is perfect to try.

It should be noted, the existence of a gaming scheme that is less ambitious, the objectives are not too demanding, the level of difficulty is very far from the concept Soulsborne-like, as well as domain spans that are not as wide as various other open-world genre settings.

These points make it suitable as a place to "escape" after being tired of dealing with daily activities.

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