Best Chess Magic Combo Recommendations for November 2022

Combo Magic Chess

The strongest Combo Magic Chess recommendation for November 2022 can be used by Vicigers who like to play game modes Mobile Legends this.

If you have never played this game mode, you might be a little confused in determining the strategy because there are so many hero relationships that you need to understand. 

So, for those of you who are still beginners, it is better to read this article. This time, VCGamers will share Combo recommendations MagicChess the best you can use right now. 

November 2022 Magic Chess Combo List

For this combination, there are three synergies that you must complete and the others only support during the game. Rather than over time, please refer to the review below.

6 Main Weapons + 4 Abyss + 1 Support 

Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki
6 Main Weapons + 4 Abyss + 1 Support. Source: Youtube.

For weapon heroes (army) you need to use Argus + Terizla + Freya + Zilong + Alpha + Martis. For abyss you can use Moskov + Dyrroth + Argus + Terizla, while for hero support you can use Rafaela, Angela or Estes. 

When the hero's combat ratio is 6, it will cause all heroes who can recover 65 percent of their HP when your hero can kill the enemy. 

Whereas 4 Abyss will cause the enemy to lose physical defense up to 35 points. Then the support will increase the stats of other heroes and their skills (20 percent physical attack and 20 percent defensive magic). This combination is more focused on upgrading HP so that your hero is stronger and a go-getter.

6 Assassins + 4 Empires + 2 Scarlet Shadows 

6 Assassins + 4 Empires + 2 Scarlet Shadows 
Combo 6 Assassins + 4 Empire + 2 Scarlet Shadow. GridGames.

For the second Magic Chess Combo, you can choose Assassin heroes, namely Lencelot + Gussion + Hayabusa + Ling + Selena + Saber. 

You can also choose Empire heroes, namely Tigreal + Odette + Lencelot + Gussion. For the Scarlet Shadow hero you can use Hayabusa + Kagura or Hanabi. You can also add other heroes.

This combination is very deadly because the Assassin will deal painful damage and the Scarlet Shadow hero will activate his special skill. This combination focuses on damage.

4 Abysses + 4 Wrestlers + 3 Weapon Masters

Little Commander Magic Chess Connie
Combo 4 Abyss + 4 Wrestler + 3 Weapon Master. Source: VCGamers.

If you want to increase your combat speed by 30 percent for all heroes, Combo Magic Chess is worth a try. 

By relying on 4 Abyss, you can increase your speed when fighting. Not only that, this Magic Chess Combo allows you to give a stun effect to your opponent and restore each hero's HP by up to 25 percent.

Recommended heroes in this mix include Thamuz, Argus, Helcurt, Dyroth, Aldous, Badang, and Martis. 

6 Assassins + 2 Cyborgs + 2 Empires + 2 Scarlet Shadows 

Combo 6 Assassins + 2 Cyborgs + 2 Empires + 2 Scarlet Shadows. Source: Youtube.

If you want to knock your opponent down early in the game, Vicigers friends can play Combo Magic Chess this. 

When you bring heroes like Hayabusa, Lancelot, Gusion, Selena, Saber, Angela, Karina, Johnson, Alpha, and Kagura, your enemies will not be able to escape from your attacks.

This combo hero combination focuses on increasing HP and increasing damage dealt by enemies. All of these heroes are able to recover 65 percent of HP after dealing damage to the enemy.

Emptress helps reduce the opponent's physical defense by 35 points. Regarding the Cyborg type, it will increase the stats of other heroes and their heroes, namely Attack by 20 percent, Physical and Magic Defense by 20 percent.

This assassin combo is fairly strong, even at the beginning of the game it can overwhelm the enemy.

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6 Gunners + 3 Northen Vale + 3 Mech Era + 3 Weapon Masters 

Magic Chess Blessing
Combo 6 Gunners + 3 Northen Vale + 3 Mech Era + 3 Weapon Masters. Source: VCGamers.

This combination depends on the relationship between Marksman. In this configuration you can place Freya as the main character, and Terizla holding the tank position. 

To make it harder to beat, you can use heroes like Aurora, Franco, Beatrix, Lesley, Claude, Gatotkaca and Layla.

This combo can increase the enemy's critical stats by 35 percent and critical damage by 380 percent.

After completing or taking damage 10 times, Lightborn gains a shield that reduces incoming damage by 40 percent and the shield lasts 5 seconds.

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Above are the five best Magic Chess combos that you can try for November 2022. By combining the strengths of each hero, you can be effective against enemies. Good luck!

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