Complete Guide to Using Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki!

Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki

If you ask how strong Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki is, the answer is very strong. But as the saying goes “great power comes great responsibility”, Yuki is also difficult to play.

This time the author will provide a complete guide on how to use Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki. Let's see how!

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Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki

Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki
Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki's skin.

Yuki is Little Commander 11th published by Magic Chess Mobile Legends in the form of a meerkat.

Same as Mavis and another Little Commander, Yuki is inspired by Hero Mobile Legends. If you look closely, Yuki is similar to Luoyi with the similarity of the orb, cloak, and purple dominance.

Before we go into discussing how to play it, we need to know clearly all of Yuki's skills.

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Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki's skills

Little Commander Magic Chess
Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki. Source: VCGamers.

Yuki has three active skills.  All of Yuki's skills have a cooldown several rounds and you can only use it after reaching the Placement Stage.

First skills named Deadly Snipe. With this skill, Yuki will absorb all of your heroes' blood by 10% and give puredamage to the most powerful enemy heroes. Each hero counts for 1500 damage. Cooldown of this skill for 3 rounds.


Second there are skills Absolute Loyalty. Players can choose one of the heroes to be sacrificed to give 50/70/100 mana (according to the number of hero stars) to the eight surrounding heroes. Cooldown of this skill for 2 rounds.


Finally there are skills third named charming. Players can choose one of the heroes to get a Charm by sacrificing the heroes on the right and left. Charm +50% Max. HP and 100% physical & magical damage of the two heroes who were sacrificed. Cooldown of this skill for 3 rounds.


Guide Using Little Commander Yuki

Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki
Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki's skin.

After knowing Yuki's three skills, it's time for the writer to provide a guide along with a suitable synergy.

You need to know that this guide is taken from the author's personal experience playing Yuki and other analyses. You can use this guide as tips and tricks or just add insight.

If you have a different opinion, please write in the comments column so we can exchange insights.

Guide Skill 1 Little Commander Yuki

Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki
Display Skill 1 Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki. Source: VCgamers.

Of all Yuki's skills, Deadly Snipe is the most versatile skill and doesn't need a lot of calculations. Without special conditions (such as the location of the heroes on the chessboard), Yuki can still absorb 10% HP from each hero.

As a reminder, one hero absorbed counts as 1,500 damage. With a maximum of 11 heroes on the chessboard (9 from level and 2 from additional capacity), you can give 16,500 puredamage with the target of the enemy's strongest heroes.


The advantage of this skill is that it does not require players to place heroes in certain places.

If you use it on the Placement Stage and Showdown Stage with a range of 4-7 heroes, you can immediately kill non-carry two-star heroes (such as Archer, Assassin, and Mage).

Moreover, the damage given to the enemy is of pure damage type.  Puredamage is damage regardless of armor. In simple language, the enemy will be damaged according to the amount listed.


The first drawback is the decreased durability of heroes. The 10% HP reduction is big enough for thin-blooded heroes like Archers, Gunners, and Mage.

The second is a fairly long cooldown, which is 3 rounds. The author can call this deficiency a counterweight to Yuki's strength.


All heroes can become the strongest heroes and even you can't know exactly who the heroes are. From the results of the author's research, there are four indications that make this hero strong:

  • Number of HP
  • The amount of damage
  • Hero star level
  • Items used

Actually, you can just look at the enemy's chessboard and see which heroes have the most items. Because, naturally, players will be stacking items on their most powerful heroes.

But in several cases that players have experienced, Yuki's attacks don't attack enemy damage dealers, but their tanks (Franco and Akai). So we can't say that the strongest hero is a damage dealer.

If the author reviews it, the most useful option for Yuki during the Fate Box is +1 capacity. The reason goes back to Yuki's skill explanation, the more heroes, the greater the damage dealt.

For synergy, there are several synergies that seem to fit this skill. You can use Nature Spirit, Weapon Master, Assassin, and Lightborn.

In fact, the author can say that Nature Spirit is a suitable synergy but the weakest of the four synergies above. For your information, the HP that Yuki absorbed was 10% from the combined HP of Nature Spirit.

Another reason is that even though HP has decreased by 10%, the heroes of Nature Spirit have damage reduction that allows them to survive.

For Lightborn, this synergy is above Nature Spirit. Lightborn Synergy will be active when the Hero's HP is below 30%. With Yuki's skill, reducing HP 10% can accelerate this synergy trigger.

For Weapon Masters, losing HP is actually a good thing. Weapon Master's active synergy is lifesteal. Especially if the player takes Mania's synergy evolution. If the Weapon Master loses 10% from the start, then they immediately get +12.5% extra physical attack.

Last is the Assassins. Based on patches 289.1, Assassins get synergy evolution rework, which is an additional 200 HP when their synergy is active. So there's no need to worry because Assassins can quickly restore their own HP.

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Guide Skill 2 Little Commander Yuki

Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki
Display of Skill 2 Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki. Source: VCGamers.

From the opinion of the author, skill Absolute Loyalty this is a bit tricky. In short, you have to sacrifice one hero to give 50/70/100 mana (according to the number of hero stars) to the eight surrounding heroes.

After selecting, then a purple circle will appear. The circle is the radius of Yuki's skill deployment. All heroes who want to get additional mana must stand in the circle.

The tricky location of this skill will be explained by the author below.


From the positive side, this skill can provide mana to surrounding friends. Of course so that heroes can issue skills more quickly.

Yuki's skill can also affect eight heroes! Let's just say that when you start the game, you already have eight heroes who are almost ready to cast skills, like Northern Vale.

Maybe this is the first time the author mentions cooldown as an advantage. According to the author, the cooldown of this skill (2 rounds) is quite good, not too long and not too fast. Balanced.


The gap in this skill is heroes that accumulate. As shown above, to get additional mana, eight heroes must surround one hero who will be sacrificed. Yes, it's piling up.

The second drawback is the loss of one hero in battle. The difference in the number of heroes during battle, even if it's only one hero, can affect the outcome of the battle.

The third is that you have to have a lot of heroes. The problem is, after the writer does the math, Yuki's one skill will be very valuable if many heroes get the effect. But back to the first gap.

Finally, you have to sacrifice heroes according to the star level. If the hero tier is too high, it's a bit less worth it.

The author also hasn't done further research, whether enemies with the Flicker spell can enter the midst of heroes. If that turns out to be possible, then it's not very profitable at all.


To get maximum results, the author has found several ways to use Little Commander Yuki's second skill.

The first thing is to try to get a hero with tier-one or two. The goal is to minimize wasted gold for this skill. Moreover, tier-one and two heroes have the cheapest prices.

Second is the synergy combo. From the skill explanation above, the best synergy combo is Elementalist-Mage. There are other good synergies, such as Gunner and Wrestler, but the most optimal is Elementalist-Mage.

Optimal is the Elementalist's synergy which only activates after casting a skill. When casting skills, Elementalists can make the Elementalists' mana full again. So it can issue 2 skills in a row.

Then the writer chose the Mage synergy because there are so many heroes who don't have it magic defense in basic state. So this is very beneficial for Mages and Elementalists.

Finally, by focusing on skills, you don't really care about your position and enemy skills. With skill, you can cast burstdamage and can defeat enemies in seconds.

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Guide Skill 3 Little Commander Yuki

Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki
Display of Skill 3 Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki. Source: VCGamers

Yuki's last skill is between good and bad. You have to sacrifice two heroes and give status to one hero in the form of +50% Max. HP and 100% physical & magical damage.


With Yuki's third skill, you can convert three heroes into one. The author takes an example using Helcurt, then I combine it with Akai and Granger.

Later Helcurt will have thick HP and high damage from the two heroes. Examples like the image below.

Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki
Helcurt Status Change With Skill 3 Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki. Source: VCGamers

Not only skills, but item effects can also be absorbed. For example when the heroes being sacrificed are using Guardian Helmet (+2500HP). When the fight starts, the hero will increase blood first, then sacrifice himself.

But as far as the author's research goes, only item status can be increased, not with the passive effect.


A biggest drawback is that you will lose two heroes at one time. Even though later the hero who receives the charm will feel like two heroes, it's still difficult. Especially if the victim is a tank.

The second drawback is the items used by the heroes who were sacrificed. Even though I haven't done further research, based on skill information, it only absorbs HP and physical & magical damage.

It's a bit of a loss if you sacrifice two heroes, but forget to take items from them.

But of the many shortcomings later, the worst thing is if later the hero is hit by Crowd Control like Benny's first skill. If the hero is hit by Benny's skill, then it will be a useless hero.


After doing research, the writer found several ways that are suitable for using Little Commander.

The first way is to determine your damage dealer with a large attack speed. You can use Archer, Gunner, Assassin, Swordman, Mage, freely. Depends on what synergy you want to create.

Then, you can choose Tank as the biggest source of HP from a rather low tier. You can use Akai, Grock, Franco, or roger. Even though their tier is low, it's easy to get them.

Finally, look for additional sources of damage. For this, the author frees you for these tier heroes. The reason is that whoever the heroes you choose, you will get 100% damage to them.

Here is the list of heroes with the highest basic physical damage from each tier:

The second way is to focus on your strongest hero with attack speed items and the two heroes you sacrifice with HP or damage enhancing items. So when you combine these three heroes into one, the result becomes very strong.

Finally, for the spell you use, you can choose between Spell Purify, Retribution, or Inspire. Spell Purify to save you from Crowd Control excess, Retribution provides additional damage, or Inspire to make your attack faster.

Conclusion: Yuki Full Calculation

Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki
Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki poster. Source: VCGamers.

Taking Little Commander Yuki is actually not an easy decision. It takes a lot of calculations that are even more complicated than measuring gold. But when you have understood it, you can become the most powerful.

In terms of abilities, Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki is perfect for those of you who like to play strategy and be aggressive.

That's the guide for using Little Commander Magic Chess Yuki. If you want to use it, you can buy it for 24,000 Battle Points or 499 Diamonds.

Happy Trying~

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