GTA V Tips: How to Buy Houses and Other Property

How to Buy a House in GTA V

GTA V is famous for games that give players the freedom to do anything, one of which is buying a property or a house. However, there is something different about the single player mode of this GTA V game regarding buying houses and properties.

This time, VCGamers will discuss how to buy a house in GTA V. After that, there will be a discussion about how to buy property in GTA V single player and online.

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How to Buy a House in GTA V

Michael's House GTA V
Michael's house GTA V. Source: GTA Wiki Fandom

Like GTA IV, you can only get new houses by completing missions. Therefore, GTA V Single Player does not provide a purchase feature house.

When you want to buy a house through the Dynasty 8 website, there will be a notification saying that the website is experiencing an error.

The notification explains that Dynasty 8 is undergoing maintenance so players cannot buy property through the website.

Property in the game GTA V is not only a house. As explained, you cannot buy a house in GTA V Single Player. However, you can buy other properties.

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How to Buy Other Properties in GTA V

Single Player Mode properties
Buying Property in Single Player Mode. Source: YouTube/Games and More Channel Productions

Property in the game GTA V can be various businesses that produce results such as money. This advantage can be one of the income in the single player game mode.

To buy available properties, you also cannot buy them through the Dynasty 8 website. Therefore, there is a special way for players to buy properties in the game. GTA V.

First, the player must open the map via the pause menu to search for properties available for purchase.

Looking for properties for sale can be through the map. There is an icon that looks like a house with a dollar sign on it. If you find the icon, you find a property that you can buy.

Next, you have to go to the icon and visit the sign that says "FOR SALE". The sign is usually in front of the property you are buying.

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Buying Houses and Property in GTA Online

Apartment in GTA Online
Apartment in GTA Online. Source: YouTube/Typical Gamers

You can buy a house in GTA Online. Unlike GTA V, there are more property choices and you can also buy a house or apartment.

The main method you can follow to buy a house in GTA Online is to use Eyefind. Eyefind is an internet browser that you can access via your mobile phone.

Through the Money and Services menu in Eyefind, you can buy various types of houses, apartments and other properties. 

To buy garages, apartments and houses, you can buy them through Dynasty 8 Real Estate. You can buy other properties through Dynasty 8 Executive to buy offices and Maze Bank Forclosuers to buy bunkers, hangars, and others.


Franklin's house
Franklin's house. Source: GTA Wiki Fandom

In conclusion, you cannot buy houses or apartments in Single Player GTA V game mode. However, you can buy other properties through the Map menu and look for icons according to the property you want to buy.

Even though you can't buy houses in Single Player mode, you can buy houses and apartments when playing GTA Online.

The houses and apartments that you can buy are also quite diverse. Through Eyefind, you can buy various available houses and apartments with various amounts of money as well.

Thus the discussion regarding buying a house in GTA V. Fulfill the need for top up games only at VC Markets by VCGamers!

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