Listen! PUBG Mobile Bike Leaks in Update Patch 1.9

PUBG Mobile Bike

The PUBG Mobile bicycle is one of the items or vehicles that will be coming soon in the game's latest update.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games with a large number of players and communities, including in Indonesia.

With a large number of users, this game with the Battle Royale genre also often spoils its players by presenting interesting innovations.

These interesting innovations usually come in various forms, ranging from collaboration or collaboration or new items that are present during updates.

Of course, this will make the players more enthusiastic about playing. Apart from that, the presence of new items can also maximize their playing experience in this game made by Tencent.

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PUBG Mobile Bike Leaks

PUBG Mobile Bike

Now, this Battle Royale game is entering the end of season C2S4 or Cycle 2 Season 4. This season, the various content and features in it are features from the previous update, namely patch 1.8.

Considering that the C2S4 season will end soon, PUBG Mobile will definitely update to the new version. As usual, there will be a number of new things that will be present when this new version begins to release.

Ahead of the release, a leak appeared directly from the game regarding the existence of a new vehicle. The vehicle can later be used by players when fighting in the arena.

PUBG Mobile directly via an Instagram upload provides an image in the form of a silhouette with a player riding a bicycle.

If you take a closer look, you might find it quite easy to guess that this new vehicle is a type of mountain bike.

The presence of mountain bikes at PUBG Mobile is sure to surprise the players so they can't wait because it's something new.

However, this vehicle has actually been around for quite a while in this game, it's just that it's present in the console and PC versions. Now, mobile players seem to be able to own this vehicle soon.

Previously, the types of vehicles that were present in this game were motorized vehicles, such as motorcycles, cars, or ships. Some examples of proper vehicles include speedboats, motorcycles, motorcycles with sidecars, Buggy, and UAZ.

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PUBG Mobile Bike Release Schedule

PUBG Mobile Bike
ILLUSTRATION OF PUBG Bike Release Schedule

As mentioned in the previous point, PUBG Mobile is now about to enter a season change. It is at this moment that game developers usually update for a new season.

In other words, games that are currently still using the features of patch 1.8 will soon update to the new version, namely patch 1.9.

Patch update 1.9 is planned to be released soon, more precisely on March 18, 2022. 

So, you can use mountain bikes on PUBG Mobile at the same time as this update, which is this weekend.

The players can't wait for the patch update considering that this is the first time this mountain bike has appeared in the mobile version of PUBG.

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Unique Features of PUBG Mobile Bikes

PUBG Mobile Bike

Every vehicle in the PUBG Mobile game, of course, has its own unique features, and this mountain bike is no exception. These features will later be useful to help players fight in the arena.

Can be used anytime

With this mountain bike, players can use it at any time because this bike can be folded. So, players don't need to bother when they really need this vehicle to fight because all they have to do is take their bicycle out of their backpack.

This feature is of course quite different from other types of vehicles because it is usually present around the map.

Another advantage when players use this vehicle is that they can pass through uneven ground areas, such as rocks. In addition, players can also jump with this mountain bike.

There is a Pick Up Feature

The problem when using this bike might be when the player will cross a body of water. However, this is not a big problem because this vehicle has a pick-up button feature.

Players can use this button when crossing the waters by carrying their bicycle. So, players will still be able to swim while transporting their bike before using it again after crossing.

Silent Vehicle

In addition, players who use bicycles will also not make a sound or be silent, in contrast to motorized vehicles. 

This will certainly be very useful for players when trying to ambush opponents. However, occasionally this mountain bike can make a sound by using the bell feature.

Unlike other vehicles, this mountain bike will not be destroyed or damaged, for example when hit by an explosion. So, players don't need to worry when they have to lose their bike.

Lacking an engine, bicycles would definitely lag behind in terms of speed. However, if players can make these bikes faster, they may run out of more energy.

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That's the discussion regarding the leaked update patch 1.9 PUBG Mobile which will present a new vehicle, namely a bicycle.

Even though this vehicle has previously been present in the console and PC versions, this will be something new because the new Mobile version will present this vehicle.

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