Nerf IT! Cross The Ages Tournament Title


IT Nerf, company spinoff of The Academys is hosting a Cross The Ages tournament in the near future. Currently registration to participate in the tournament has also been opened and allows you to join.

This tournament will later present a number of fantastic prizes. You can see information about it on the official page.

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Cross The Ages Tournament from Nerf IT!

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The Cross The Ages tournament will be held soon. You can take part in this tournament by registering first.

This game allows players to build cities, collect digital and physical goods to NFT.

You can take part in the tournament very easily. Namely, by downloading the Nerf IT application.

Apart from getting a number of prizes, you also have the potential to get other prizes throughout the tournament.

About Nerf IT!


Nerf IT! is a spinoff company from The Academys that creates apps with crypto and NFT technology. Where you can participate in a series of interesting activities in it.

Right now, Nerf IT! ready to download for beta release. You can download and get features in it.

The features present in this application provide a number of benefits for gamers and brands.

Here are the details:

For Gamers

You can get NFT of the most precious moments in the game with Achieve to Earn. 

Apart from that, you can also display your personal NFT or sell it to other players.

For Brands

In addition, there are a number of advantages for brands. With collaboration, Nerf IT claims to be able to provide downloads, live broadcasts, and access to brands and games.

You can also donate to give prizes in tournaments, esport team prizes, and streamers and can buy certain Merchandise, Equipment and Event Tickets.

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For complete information about this tournament, just download it right now using your cellphone. Here's the download link:

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