Idol Meta, Interesting Activities Becoming an Idol in a Virtual World!

The metaverse world is gradually starting to develop in Indonesia. One of the metaverse platforms is Idol Meta.
Idol Meta
Idol Meta. Source: LYTOGAMES/Youtube

The metaverse world is gradually starting to develop in Indonesia. One of the metaverse platforms is Idol Meta.

Same as platforms metaverse in general, there are various activities in the real world that you can do in the real world virtual by using an avatar that can be customized by the user.

What's this metaverse like? Come on, see more in the article below!

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What is Idol Meta?

Idol Meta
Trailer trailer for Idol Meta. Source: LYTOGAMES/Youtube

Idol meta is a metaverse game created by LYTO, a publisher online game Indonesia which has been established since 2003.

LYTO is one of the pioneer game publishing companies in Southeast Asia. The company has more than 30 million members across its territory.

Apart from making Idol Meta, LYTO also publishes many games such as Juragan Ojek, Perfect World II, and Atlantica Online.

Idol Meta has several social media to notify about their updates and upcoming events. Here is the official account:

  • Tiktok: @idolmeta
  • Facebook: IdolMeta
  • Instagram: @idolmeta
  • Youtube: LYTOGAMES
  • Website:

Features in Idol Meta

Idol Meta has various features ingame which is the main attraction games it's like custom avatar and fashion. The following is a more complete explanation of the features in this game.

Custom Avatars

Customize Idol Meta characters
Custom Avatars feature. Source: LYTOGAMES/Youtube

The first feature is the custom avatar, where you can customize the in-game character with the personality and style you want. You can adjust the physical appearance, clothing, and accessories of your avatar.

Fashion Shows

Idol Meta Fashion Show
Fashion Shows. Source:

If you are someone who is interested in the world of fashion, then you can channel it here. This game has a fashion show feature where you can act as a catwalk model or just sit back and enjoy the show.

Open House

Open House Idol Meta
Open House. Source:

Open House is a feature that allows you to sell items you don't use anymore. In short, you can make money with open houses.


Gardening Idol Meta
Gardening activities. Source:

For those of you who like gardening, this game also provides activities healing this one is in game. You can plant a variety of flowers ranging from Tulips, Roses, Lilies and so on.


Fishing Idol Meta
Fishing activity. Source:

Fishing activity is also one of the favorite features in the game to relieve boredom and calm down.

To go fishing, you can go to the Big Map Area. You will get various types of fish and can fish together with your friends.


Pet Idol Meta
Pet. Source:

Not only interacting with fellow players, you can also have pets in the game to accompany your activities. You can raise several types of animals such as dogs, foxes, and alpacas.

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Idol Meta Transportation
One of Idol Meta's vehicles. Source: LYTOGAMES/Youtube

Tired of walking around the metaverse world? LYTO also presents various types of vehicles as your means of transportation. You can ride a variety of cool and unique vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, horses, and so on.

Salons and Cafes

Salon Idol Meta
Salon. Source:

If you want to change your hair color and wear a different hairstyle, head to the salon! there are various choices of hairstyles and you can even consult with a hairstylist to choose the most suitable style.

Another cool place that you can visit in this game is the Cafe. Here, you can interact with other people virtually.

Sports Festival

Idol Meta Sports Festival
Sports Festival. Source: Idol Meta

Are you a person who likes to exercise? This game presents a sports festival in a game where everyone can participate, both for children and adults.

So that's a brief review of Idol Meta, a metaverse game platform made by LYTO which is full of fun activities. How, interested in playing this one game?

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