VCG and CHVerse Establish Partnership, There's a Limited Edition NFT Giveaway!

Partnership VCG x CHVerse

CHVerse lists their exclusive NFT collection at NFT Marketplace VCGamers. This was done following the partnership between VCG x CHVerse.

VCG x CHVerse is committed to ecosystem development Web3. The listing NFTs from CHVerse on the NFT Marketplace VCGamerrs is done to broaden access for collectors to get exclusive NFT from CHVerse.

Currently, there are a number of NFT works that are present in the NFT Marketplace VCGamers. The presence of CHVerse certainly adds to the NFT collection available on the NFT Marketplace.

For more details about the partnership between VCG x CHVerse, let's look at the review!

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About CHVerse

CHVerse is a forward-thinking digital agency specializing in advertising and Web3 blockchain solutions. 

They bring together the best of both worlds and harness the strategic power of digital marketing and the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

Chverse NFT

The Chverse NFT is a unique digital badge that serves as your ticket to win prizes and join all events organized by the Chverse community. The event will provide a fun and immersive experience/

By owning the Chverse NFT badge, you become part of an elite group of individuals who can participate in community events, such as webinars, workshops, and network sessions. 

This event is specifically designed to empower you with valuable insights, industry trends, and networking opportunities in the digital marketing and Web3 blockchain space.

CHverse will enter into an NFT partnership with VCGamers. In addition, CHVerse will also list its NFT on the VCGamers NFT Marketplace.

Later you can get CHVerse NFT on the VCGamers NFT Marketplace using 500 $VCG.

Following are the details of the CHVerse NFT supply that will be listed on the VCGamers NFT Marketplace:

  • Supply 10000 CHVerse_NFT
  • 5000 Free
  • 5000 Price 500 $VCG
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Don't miss the opportunity to join the community Chverse. Be a part of this event and get your Chverse NFT badge today!

Go directly to the NFT Marketplace VCGamers (CLICK HERE) right now!

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