Minecraft Characters, From Staves to Zombie Pigman

There are so many minecraft characters in the minecraft game, but there are several characters that are popular and well known by minecraft game lovers.

Character minecraft There are a lot of characters in the Minecraft game, but there are several characters that are popular and known by Minecraft game lovers, for this reason this article will review some of the characters in the Minecraft game.

This game is even more interesting and exciting because we can decorate our characters as we like or according to taste, you can decorate your character with custom skins or those that have been prepared by this game.

Before discussing Minecraft characters, we first review what exactly is the Minecraft game?

Minecraft itself is game or games that are currently popular and loved by many gamers, it's no wonder that this one game has very diverse characters.

Minecraft is a game where players can explore a 3D world with Minecraft biomes.

In this game players can find and craft raw materials, build structures or earthworks, craft tools, it all depends on the game mode.

This game is a creative mode game with unlimited resources or dig deep into the world in survival mode. When playing Minecraft, you can craft weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs.

By playing this one game you can feel unlimited world exploration and can build various things.

You can build from the simplest like a house to the most magnificent like a palace.

You can download this game officially through the Playstore, but you need to know that this game has two versions, namely the paid version and the free version.

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Minecraft character

There are several characters in this game that we will discuss. The following are some reviews of minecraft characters:


Minecraft character Steve
Steve. Source: Pixabay

The first character that we will discuss in this article is Staves, Staves is one of the popular characters in the Minecraft game.

Staves is a fictional character or character in the Minecraft game known as the protagonist.

Steve is one of nine default player avatar skins available for contemporary Minecraft players. Steve himself basically had no official background by the developers of this game as he was meant to be a customizable player avatar as opposed to a predefined character.


Minecraft Wither character
Wither. Source: Minecraft Fandom

Furthermore, the second character that we will discuss in this article is the Wither.

The Wither is one of the popular characters in the Minecraft game. Wither is an antagonist character or arguably the most dangerous monster in this game.

The wither is a hostile player-made undead boss mob that floats and shoots explosive skulls at players and mobs.


Minecraft Wolves characters
Wolves. Source: Minecraft Fandom

The third character that we will discuss in this article is Wolves.

Wolver is one of the many avatars in the Minecraft game.

Wolves themselves are deuteragonic wolves in Minecraft. They are a kind of neutral tamable mob that can spawn in forest, ice plains, and taiga biomes, often near mountain biomes.

Zombie Pigman

Zombie Pigman Minecraft character
Zombie Pigman. Source ; Minecraft fandoms

The last character that we will discuss in this article is a zombie pigman.

Pigment Zombies are a neutral mob that lives in the Nether. In the 1.16 Nether update, they are replaced with Zombified Piglins.

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Above we have reviewed some of the characters in the Minecraft game.

To play this game, you can choose between the paid version and the free or trial version, the original version or the paid version of this game is priced at 109,000 haega while for the trial version or the free version you can download it without paying anything but of course the trial version has a time limit. .

Finally, we finished the discussion. After reading this article, are you interested in playing this one game?

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