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Check out this article to find out which character is the best for using the Flower of Lost Paradise artifact set!
flower of paradise lost genshin impact nilou

Flower of Paradise Lost is one such artifact Genshin Impact which can increase DMG for Dendro's elemental reactions, namely Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon.

This artifact is the latest artifact released by Genshin Impact in the previous 3.3 update along with the release of new characters, namely Wanderer and Faruzan.

The Flower of Paradise Lost artifact set is suitable for and specifically intended for characters who require a large Elemental Mastery and get optimal damage from Dendro's elemental reactions that have been mentioned.

Compatible Characters Use the Flower of Paradise Lost Artifact Set

Flower of Paradise Lost is one of a collection of artifact sets available in Genshin Impact's 4-star and 5-star options. 

This set was released together in the same domain as the Anemo artifact, the Desert Pavilion Chronicle.

How to get the Flower of Paradise Lost artifact, you can use resin where the resin will be used in the domain.

VCGamers recommends that you use Condensed Resin in order to get a better stat artefact chance and more 5-star artifacts.

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Domain Flower of Paradise Lost location

domain city of gold genshin impact
Domain City of Gold (source: VCGamers)

To get the Flower of Paradise Lost artifact set, you can do farming in a domain called City of Gold. 

This domain is located in the Eye of the Sands, Land of Lower Setekh, Great Red Sands, Sumeru region. 

If you have completed the world quest Golden Slumber, the location name of the Eye of the Sands will change to Khaj Nisut.

The domain will be located on the edge slightly to the bottom of Khaj Nisut. 

You can open it from the nearest Teleport Waypoint, namely the Khaj Nisut teleport or Land of Lower Setekh, which is located in the northern part of Aaru Village.

Flower of Paradise Lost Genshin Impact Artifact Set Bonus

Flower of Paradise Lost genshin impact
Flower of Paradise Lost Fullset (source: VCGamers)

2 sets of Flower of Paradise Lost Genshin Impact artifacts will provide an additional 80 Elemental Mastery.

Using 4 sets or full sets of Flower of Paradise Lost can increase the damage from the elemental reactions Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon by 40%. 

After the character triggers the elemental reaction Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon, the character will get additional damage of 25% for 10 seconds per stack.

So, you can stack bonuses by reacting to extend the duration and get greater damage.

You can stack bonus stacks of up to 4 stacks where bonuses can be triggered even if the user character of the Flower of Paradise Lost artifact is not in the field (off field). 

At first glance this artifact is similar to the artifact released with the release of Sumeru viz Gilded Dreams which provides additional Elemental Mastery.

The biggest difference from using Gilded Dreams and Flower of Paradise Lost is the bonus of the full set which determines which character is suitable.

Gilded Dreams will add a huge amount of Elemental Mastery. Thus, it is more general and widely used for support or DPS characters who require Elemental Mastery as their talent scale. 

An example of a suitable Gilded Dreams user would be Alhaitham and Tighnari.

Meanwhile, Flower of Paradise Lost users are more specific for characters capable of triggering Dendro's elemental reactions based on Bloom. 

Thus, characters that are suitable for using this artifact are more special depending on their elemental reactions.

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Characters and Number of Sets Used

flower of paradise lost genshin impact nilou elemental burst
Nilou, One of the Fullset User Characters of Flower of Paradise Lost (source: VCGamers)

After knowing the bonus that you will get from using the Flower of Paradise Lost artifact set, you can determine which Genshin Impact characters are suitable for using this artifact.

From the results of the VCGamers experiment, Flower of Paradise Lost is specifically intended for the characters Pyro, Hydro, Dendro, and Electro who can trigger Dendro's elemental reactions earlier.

Bloom will be triggered by a Hydro or Dendro character becoming a Dendro seed. Dendro seeds that are exposed to Electro elements will trigger an elemental Hyperbloom reaction. Meanwhile, a Dendro seed that is exposed to the Pyro element will trigger an elemental Burgeon reaction.

From the results of the VCGamers trial on various characters, the Flower of Paradise Lost full set is suitable for the following characters:

To Bloom's reaction, characters like Nilou, Sangonomiya Kokomi, Barbara is a suitable character to use this artifact because it can react to Bloom simultaneously.

Shinobu cookies and Raiden Shogun (Elemental Mastery build) will suit this artifact as it optimally triggers Hyperbloom reactions.

Thomas For now, this is the character that according to VCGamers can trigger the most optimal Burgeon compared to the Pyro character that was released when this article was written.

Elemental Burst Thoma can provide Pyro continuously. So, it can trigger Burgeon to be more stable than other Pyro characters. 

For the use of 2 pieces of Flower of Paradise Lost artifacts, you can use them as a substitute for Gilded Dreams.

Characters that are suitable for using 2 pieces are characters that require the Elemental Mastery stat such as Sucrose, Kaedehara Kazuha, Cyno, and Alhaitham. 

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Those are the best character recommendations for Flower of Paradise Lost according to VCGamers.

This artifact is unfortunately only a few suitable users. However, with the release of various characters in the upcoming update, there will certainly be many characters that are suitable for using this Flower of Paradise Lost.

For those of you who haven't got the character you want, you can save Primogems with Welkin Moon or Genesis Crystal. Come on, buy it at a trusted place, namely at VCGamers Marketplace!

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