Tips for Getting Down and Surviving at PUBG Season C3S4 Hot Drop Locations!

PUBG Hot Drops

Are you player PUBG Mobile barbarians who like to go down in the PUBG Hot Drop zone? The following are tips from us that will help survive the PUBG Hot Drop.

In the PUBG Mobile game, all players start the game by jumping from the plane. Talking about the location of the landing zone, there is the term 'Hot Drop' which indicates the location that is the most crowded and very prone to bloodshed, for example Pochinki and Rozhok.

You can get lots of early kills and great loot here, but you also run the risk of being killed too quickly if you're not careful. So, for those of you who like to land on PUBG Hot Drop locations, here are some VCGamers tips so you can survive the battle.

How to Safely Survive the PUBG Hot Drop

Hot drop is the location where each enemy leaves his parachute to fight. Most players choose the hot drop area for two reasons.

Hot drop places are full of enemies, so it's easier to increase KD. Second, those places are the best for loot. Players land on hot drops to collect more loot available everywhere.

You Must Be Able To Adapt To All Types Of Weapons

PUBG Hot Drops

Hot Drop locations are generally targeted because they provide more tempting loot compared to other locations. You can find the best weapons here but don't expect to get them all the time.

Since many players descended here, the best weapons would definitely be up for grabs. If you lose quickly, you will be forced to fight with the rest of your weapons. That's why you have to be ready to go to war with whatever weapons you find.

Mastering the Quick Landing Technique

PUBG Hot Drops

As previously mentioned, looting weapons uses the 'First Come, First Serve' rule. Your fate throughout the game will be determined by how fast you land and run to your destination.

Ideally, players start to descend (click the down button) at a distance of about 600-800 meters from where you are going. Then descend at a speed of 231-234 km/hour to a distance of 100-200 meters from the destination.

Land on the Rooftop

PUBG Hot Drops

You can also shorten your time in the air by landing on the roof of a building, so you can run to loot faster. These tips also help you secure high ground at the same time too.

Prioritize SMG Weapons

PUBG Hot Drops

Of the many types of weapons that are scattered in the PUBG Hot Drop location, the SMG is the first weapon that you should prioritize to get first. Having ammo and a high rate of fire, this weapon is perfect for close range combat, so it will make it easier for you to get an early kill.

Barbarian Play

PUBG Hot Drops

Players crazy enough to land on a PUBG Hot Drop location should be prepared to get barbaric, but you can't rush in at will if you don't want to be killed too quickly. Make sure you are equipped with adequate war equipment before deciding to look for kills.

Be careful when fighting in open areas. Look for cover first such as trees, large rocks, or hide behind vehicles.

Furthermore, you must frequently change positions to move successfully. If a teammate is killed, you will have to hide from your enemies without any surprise plans.

However, incidentally, if you are detected, do not restrain yourself in the same area. Because they will attack with full planning and dedication using throwables. So, you must have a position change technique so you can last longer in crowded locations.

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Pay attention to the sounds and objects around you 

PUBG Hot Drops

Players who drop at the Hot Drop location cannot be careless because enemies lurk everywhere. Focus on finding information around you by paying attention to sounds and moving objects.

The minimap will show players in a 20 meter radius around. You can also listen to other players' footsteps, so you can guess where they are coming from and predict their direction of movement. Playing using earphones will certainly make things easier.

Do not panic

PUBG Hot Drops

The battle gets more intense at the Hot Drop location. Sometimes 10-20 players will return to the lobby in an instant, but you can be one of the survivors in the PUBG Hot Drop zone if you play quietly.

In an unfavorable situation, don't panic. Take advantage of the weapons you already have, the equipment in your bag, and pay attention to the objects around you.

If you only find a shotgun, don't rush it. Because there is a high risk and there is no guarantee to get a single kill. This location is full of skilled players with AR and SMG. Shotguns and Pistols can do nothing there.

Therefore, To get high kills in hot drops, collect the best suppliers such as helmets, Vests, ARs and SMGs. After collecting them, don't wait to clear the hot drop location.

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So, those were some tips to survive in the PUBG Mobile Hot Drop zone. Ready to be a barbarian in Pochinki and get the first kill.

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