List of the Best Game Design Schools in Different Countries!

Best Game Design Schools

Which millennial doesn't recognize video games? Thanks to the abundance video games targeting millennials, it's no wonder that in this digital age there are lots of game design majors.

If you want to know, VCGamers News will present a list of the best game design schools in various countries as a reference for you.

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What to Learn in Game Design School?

You have to know in advance about what will be studied at a game design school. So you don't get confused later. So, these are the basic things that you will learn in game design school.

  • Learn to draft game design concepts.
  • Learn to instill creativity in game development according to market needs.
  • Learn to create game structures.
  • Create layouts and gameplay of the games created.
  • Learn team work with other students to be able to develop and distribute games well.
  • Creating various game product documentation.
  • Learn to shape game characters.
  • Learn to design interface.
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What are the Job Outlooks in Game Design Schools?

While studying at a game design school, you will gain skills or soft skills such as creativity, problem solving, accuracy, time management, technology skills and discipline. By bringing these various skills, you have the opportunity to achieve various kinds of lucrative job prospects.

You can easily be accepted in a company game developers. At the beginning of your career you will be placed as junior designer before being designers.

After passing the initial stages, you can also occupy the levels lead designer until design director with a very high salary. However, this is only an overview, because all companies have different career paths.

List of the Best Game Design Schools from Five Different Countries

After knowing general things about the process and job prospects at game design schools, it's time for you to find out where game design schools are. There are game design schools from five different countries that we would recommend.

Nihon Kogakuin College in Japan

Japan's Best Game Design School
Nihon Kogakuin College Building.

Japan is a country with very rapid digitalization progress. That makes Japan the best anchorage for those of you who have dreams of becoming a leading game designer.

In Nihon Kogakuin College Japan, you don't need to be afraid of the limitations of the Japanese language that you have. The International School contains students from across countries who use English as their main language.

Nihon Kogakuin College is located in Kamata, in the southern ward of Tokyo. As one of the best game designs in the world, this school provides seven cool majors that you can choose from. Among other things, that is Game Creator, Graphic Design, Manga and Animation, Music, IT and Technology.

As additional information, this school opens registration every year in April with a three-year study period and a fee of around 3,557,500 Yen. This large cost figure will cover all your living needs there. Ready to chase your dreams there?

University of Southern California in South America

USC Best Game Design Schools
View of the USC campus.

This game design school is located in California. Quoted from the official site page University of California provides a Bachelor of Arts degree in interactive Media & Games as well as another prestigious degree, namely the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with the main focus being the world of games.

This school is suitable for those of you who may prefer the atmosphere of a California city rather than the atmosphere in Kamata, Japan. After completing your school career here as a game designer, you will earn a Master of Fine Arts degree. Interested in building a game company with South American friends at this school?

Sheridan College Trafalgar Road Campus in Canada

Sheridan Best Game Design School
Sheridan College building.

Sheridan College in Canada is no less exciting and of high quality. If you choose this school, take the Game Design study program if you are determined to become a professional game designer.

There are various requirements to be able to take this game education on this campus. First, you must be fluent in English, have good math skills and lastly provide a portfolio that is graded by Sheridan College.

Sheridan College Game Design has the main vision of meeting the needs of games in the market. Thus, they are indeed focused on producing talented talents for the field of video game creation.

The One Academy in Malaysia

ToA Best Game Design School
Pixar Design Labs The One Academy.

The next best game design school is located in Malaysia, perfect for those of you who want to study abroad, but it's hard to go far from Indonesia. In The One Academy you will also meet many students from Indonesia so you don't have to bother learning English.

The One Academy will guarantee you to become a Master in the field you are studying. This statement is supported by their distinctive philosophy which reads, “Masters Train Masters”.

The Interactive Media Design major is the right answer for those of you who want to become a reliable game designer. After completing the major, you will get a lot of cool portfolios that will allow you to get a prestigious job at a game development company.

Binus University in Indonesia

Binus Best Game Design School
Game Application and Technology Binus.

There's nothing wrong with going to game design school and staying in Indonesia either. You can get a quality S1 game designer title by studying majors Game Applications and Technology.

You may have heard of a cool game developer called Toge Production. Well, the developer is filled with geniuses from Binus University. Thus, the quality of study programs at Binus University cannot be doubted, right?

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Getting into one of the universities mentioned above is certainly not easy. However, with talent, hard work, intention and strong determination, you can definitely fulfill your dream of becoming a quality game designer or creator!

Thus the discussion about the best game design schools in various countries that you can use as a reference. Happy learning and trying!

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