7 Unique Video Games whose Innovations are Used Until Now

Resident Evil Unique Video Game

This time we will review about unique video games. Many unique videos have appeared before video game lovers.

Usually, vieo games are unique because of the title of the game. Or, video games are also said to be unique because of how they look.

However, it turns out that there are a number of video games that are unique because the innovations they released are still used today.

In fact, the innovations they created are still implemented and become the standard for similar games.

So, you must be curious about what unique video games and what innovations they made and are still used today?

Let's take a look at these unique video games and the innovations they released that are still used today.

7 Unique Video Games whose Innovations Are Used Until Now

Maybe there are many unique video games whose innovations are still being used today. This time, we will discuss 7 unique video games whose innovations are still being used today.

Wii Sports

Unique wii sports video game

We'll start our review of a unique video game from Wii Sports. This game is said to have a clear system for the sporting needs of people who play it.

This game is played using a controller. Later, the controller used to play this game will adjust to the player's movements.

For example, when you play tennis and your hand smashes with your right hand, the characters in the game will also do that.

Besides that, when playing bowling it will also be like that. That is, the power we use in the game will affect the characters we use in the game.

Virtua Fighter

Unique Video Game Virtua Fighter

The next unique video game is Virtua Fighter. This video game is called a game that has unique innovations that are timeless.

Until now, the innovations released by Sega's video games are still being used by other video games.

Display fighter and 3-D graphics in this game earned him praise. Apart from that, this game also allows you to defeat your opponent by knocking him out of the ring. This video game innovation was also adopted by several other similar games. Among them is Super Smash Bros.


Unique Splatoon Video Game

The next video game is Spaltoon. The video game issued a unique innovation. Namely, reverse the logic of the game.

In games of this kind, the missions carried out usually have to shoot and defeat enemies.

However, Splatoon comes with the innovation of having to avoid enemy attacks. Then, shoot at the enemy.

Gran Turismo

Gransd Turismo Unique Video Game okay

The next video game that we will review is Gran Turismo. Game players, of course, know this one video game.

Gran Turismo Video Game is legendary and still exists today. How not, this game is able to display the impression of real car racing for the players.

The innovation of the game is very cool, namely the SIM test mode. Of course this is very innovative and cool for other racing car games.

Mortal Kombat

The next video game is Mortal Kombat. This video game provides innovations that are still used today.

Fatality in the game gives its own color. It became the innovation of the game. Even become the hallmark of this game.

Every character in the game also has a Fatality.

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More than that, Mortal Kombat is likely to be a fighting game that innovates with stories. Each character in the game has a story.

The story of each character was also made in detail.

There are a number of games that were born with a storyline. Like Tekken and other games.

If there were no such innovations, there might not be games with stories from each character.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64

The next video game is Super Mario 64. Super Mario 64 can be called a video game that innovates by making transitions.

The transition made by this video game is a platformer transition from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

The next video game that we will review is Resident Evil 4. This video game makes major innovations in games with the action and shooting genres.

The reason is, the video game Resident Evil 4 provides one big change. Thus, there were a number of games that followed after its release in 2005.

Video games with action genres or those with shooting elements usually only have 2 cameras. Each namely First Person and Third Person.

The first camera or First Person only refers to the point of view that the player character sees in the video game. Furthermore, Third Person shows the appearance of all characters.

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When Resident Evil 4 arrived, there was a camera concept with a view using the point of view from over the side of the shoulder.

This innovation was considered as something good. In fact, many games have followed the camera concept several years after Resident Evil 4 was released.

Other games that can be said to follow the innovations of Resident Evil 4 are Watch Dogs II (2016), Nioh (2017), Fall Out 76 (2018) and The Last of Us Part II (2020) as well as a number of other video games.

This shows that the innovations made by Resident Evil 4 have had such a big impact. It even gives you the experience of playing video games with something new.

Final Thoughts

Those are 7 unique video games that provide innovation and are still used today. Of course, this innovation is expected to provide good things for game players.

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