6 Latest ML Defense Items Season 28 that Must Be Used

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Of course, many players are curious about what ML defense build items are mandatory to buy. Especially when it appears tank emblem 'sawi' as well assassins tanks that are currently widely used by the retainer ML out there,

Like the dynamics of MLBB so far, of the many items available, there are items that are suitable for use and some that are not.

Seeing this phenomenon, of course choosing and sorting the right items to be used as a build needs to be done carefully.

Of course this problem is not easy, because the right build will really help the performance of the tanks when they have to "fit the body" to withstand the damage output issued by the enemy team. That's why this issue becomes something important.

The best way to make sense of it all is of course through the trial and error phase: trying combinations build it one by one.

This is intended so that ML players can understand how the contribution of each item with the type of damage that is soaring in each match.

But of course this method is not efficient and requires a long time.

But don't worry, because we will review it for you in this article!

We will discuss the 6 best current defense items that must be owned by ML players so that you can be more sustainable! Check it out!

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6 Mandatory ML Defense Items Season 28 Patch Note 1.7.82 Original Server

Let's go straight to the main discussion, namely the mandatory defense items that must be purchased in this meta.

Disclaimer first, it doesn't mean that because there are 6 in total, then all of these items must be purchased as builds, you know!

This must also be adjusted to the needs of Vicigers and the team in each match:

ML Immortal Defense Items

ML Immortal Defense Items
ML Immortal Defense Items. Source: VCGamers

We start from the mandatory item for all people, namely Immortal. Basically, tanker users don't care about the item defense attribute of this physical type.

Of course the most sought after is his unique passive which can provide additional lives when picked-off. Mandatory!

Item Defense ML Guardian Helmet

Item Defense ML Guardian Helmet
Item Defense ML Guardian Helmet. Source: VCGamers

Yep, this item that didn't sell well before is now the prima donna because Moonton has revamped it. The regen effect of its passive really helps tankers to be 'anti-recall-recall-club'.

Heroes who rely on total HP like Akai or Hylos must buy it as soon as possible.

Cursed Helmet

Defense Item Cursed Helmet ML
Defense Item Cursed Helmet ML. Source: VCGamers

So, this is a mandatory item for assassins with build tanks or tanks offlaner. The passive burning provided by this item 'ingredient' can really help in clearing minions on the lane. So you can quickly sat-set when laning!

Steel Legplates

Steel Legplates
Steel Legplates. Source: VCGamers

Well, isn't this a material item? Yep, that's right: the item 'pants'! You pay attention, pro-players in their matches will buy pants first when fighting physical heroes.

This is suitable for buying in the early game under the first five minutes to increase armor acquisition.

If later the game has moved on to the mid to late game phase, the tankers will also develop it into a core defense item according to needs, both into Dominance Ice and Blade armor.

Athena Shield/Radiant Armor

Athena Shield x Radiant Armor
Athena Shield x Radiant Armor. Source: VCGamers

Yep, both are mandatory items to counteract magic damage. These items are combined into one entry because their use adjusts the type of hero damage output encountered.

If you meet a burst type, use 'Athens'; but if a poke and DPS type mage is your opponent, Radiant Armor can be the best solution.

Dominance Ice

Dominance Ice
Dominance Ice. Source: VCGamers

The last mandatory defense item for version VCGamers is 'Domi'. If Vicigers meets healing heroes or owners of thick (white blood) shields, this item is the best counter – also suitable for resisting physical-type damage.

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So, those are the 6 defense items ML which you have to buy in Season 28. In every match, tankers really have to buy at least one of the items above. That way, your damage absorption performance will be maximized.

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