How to View ML Replays, Very Easy!

How to View ML Replays

It's really easy to see ML (Mobile Legends) replays. You can use it to view your previous games.

Deep replay feature games usually used to see game reviews and learn more effective strategies in the future.

This feature is also available in several online games such as Mobile Legends. Check out how to see ML replays in this article!

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How to View ML Replays

How to View Replays in ML
Mobile Legends Replay Feature. Source: Mobile Legends

Get cool moments like first blood, triple kill, legendary, and savage in Mobile Legends gives a proud feeling and not infrequently we want to look back or want to show off to others.

Besides, when Defeat, we also need to see how our game is to be evaluated.

You can see these two things in MLBB games because there are replays in this game.

Maybe there are still players who don't know about it. For more details, follow how to see the MLBB replay below:

Enter Mobile Legends

How to View ML Replays
Initial View of Mobile Legends. Source: Mobile Legends

To see replies from previous matches, you must first log in to your Mobile Legends account. After that, go to the profile.

Select Battlefield Options

How to View ML Replays
Battlefield Menu. Source: Mobile Legends

After entering the profile, look for the "Battlefield" menu. There will be several other menu options such as statistics, favorites, replays and credit scores. Select the replay menu.

Select Replays

How to View Replays in ML
Replay of the Last 5 Matches. Source: Mobile Legends

After selecting the replay menu, there will be a list of the 5 most recent matches that you have completed. This menu will also display information containing the status of the match results (defeat or victory) and the heroes chosen by your team and the opposing team.

You can save replays of your favorite match results in “My Replays” by clicking on the save menu. The "My Replay" menu can save up to 5 matches and will be deleted automatically when Mobile Legends is updated.

Select the match you want to replay, then wait for a pop up to appear which will confirm the match you selected. Click OK.

Now you can enjoy replays from matches your favorite!

Exit Replay Mode

Quit MLBB Games
How to exit Replay Mode. Source: Mobile Legends

To exit replay mode, you only need to click on the exit menu in the upper right corner.

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Match Replay from Other Hero's POV

MLBB Rank Push
Replay Mode Sees Match POV From Other Heroes. Source: Mobile Legends

The replay feature usually can only be done from one point of view, namely the hero you are using at that time.

But in the Mobile Legends game, you can see every point of view of the match from a different hero!

For example, you play as Gord and team up with Karrie, Silvanna, Granger, and Luoyi. You can exchange pov with these heroes to see their game progress.

What's even more exciting, you can not only see the game's point of view from your team but also from the opposing heroes.

Besides being able to see from a different hero's point of view, the replay feature in this game allows you to see the battle spells they use, items used throughout the game, as well as KDA information you can also see.

Just like online streaming platforms like YouTube and Netflix, you can slow down and speed up replay even up to 4 times.

Want to take a good screenshot? the Mobile Legends replay feature also provides an option to pause, you know!

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