Words of Mobile Legends Hero Indonesian Language Season 20

Words Mobile Legend Cool Hero Indonesian Language Season 20


Hello Vicigers friends, It's cool. After the patch update, Mobile Legends now finally has the option to change the hero's voice to Indonesian. We have summarized the cool words of Mobile Legends heroes in Indonesian!

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Every Mobile Legends hero usually has iconic words they said while on the Land of Dawn battlefield. Each hero usually has more than a pair of words.

These iconic words are usually spoken at certain moments. Like when on the pick hero page, when they issue skills, until when they die. Previously, we made the words of Mobile Legends heroes and their meanings.

However, with the presence of Indonesian as the Voice over, the impression these words create is even deeper because more players understand their meaning now.

We have summarized the words of Mobile Legends from Indonesian-speaking heroes, here they are:

Words – Saber

Words of Mobile Legends Hero Indonesian Language Season 20
Source: Pinterest
  • You will see my sword, before I am seen!
  • Real fighters never act with feeling
  • I'm a man with a heartbreaking story
  • A fighter's heart never forgets
  • One purpose!
  • Memories are hard to record, just like a silhouette in the fog
  • I didn't even get to be the strongest

Words – Nana

Source: Pinterest
  • Mama said we shouldn't judge others!
  • Your day will be wasted if you don't have fun!
  • Let me protect you, I can control my strength now
  • Don't be sad for Nana!

Words – Alucard

  • The demons will be covered in blood, the light only belongs to the righteous!
  • I was born a rebel
  • Everything will end
  • Nothing can stop me, if I have drawn my sword!
  • Enjoy your last meal!
  • Try not to get in my way!
  • I won't stop until I restore my father's honor!
  • The darkness is gone

Words – Akai

  • Let's go and relax!
  • Not being able to eat is the scariest thing
  • Nothing is accidental in this world
  • I'm still very handsome
  • All you gotta do is believe, you gotta believe!
  • The past day has become history and the future is yet to be known

Words – Franco

Source: Pinterest
  • I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning
  • Time to teach you a lesson
  • Real fighters never run away
  • One pull one life gone

Words – Aldous

  • My fist can't possibly miss
  • You don't deserve to be here
  • I always complete my mission
  • All who come here leave hope

Words – Miya

Source: Pinterest
  • I am the moonlight that pierces the darkness
  • Even though the forest is burning and the moonlight is dimming, our hopes exceed all
  • Wise choice, you can't escape my arrows
  • Elves will not give up no matter how much suffering they have to go through
  • Never give up or be prepared for destruction
  • My arrow is my answer

Words – Balmond

  • My blood is burning until I die
  • There are no true friends except ourselves
  • We must regain our honor!
  • For honor we strike harder
  • Perseverance brings victory
  • The fires of hell will burn you to ashes
  • I die with honor

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