5 Interesting Facts about DRX Valorant, a Strong South Korean Team

DRX is a Valorant team from South Korea that has repeatedly made achievements.

As one of the team Valorant strongest in South Korea, DRX has made various brilliant achievements. This team is loved by many Valorant fans because of its neat gameplay and smart strategy.

There are a number of interesting facts about this team that Valorant players need to know. Well, this time we will review these facts.

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DRX Valorant Facts

This team is often in the spotlight because of their impressive play and always succeed in stealing wins.

South Korean VCT Champion Two Times in a Row

Source: Valorant Championship Tour Pacific

This team succeeded in showing its dominance in the South Korean Valorant scene by winning the South Korean VCT title twice in a row.

They managed to beat Gen.G in the grand final of VCT South Korea Stage 1 with a score of 3-1. This victory sends DRX to Valorant Champions 2022 to Istanbul, Türkiye.

Then they showed another brilliant performance by beating T1 in the grand final of VCT South Korea Stage 1 with a score of 3-2. This victory sends DRX to Valorant Masters Copenhagen 2023 in Denmark.

This achievement shows that they are a consistent and strong team. They were able to defend their title at VCT South Korea for two years in a row.

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Ever Beat the World's Best Team

South Korean Esports Team. Source: YouTube.

DRX Valorant has shown its capabilities on the international stage by beating some of the world's best teams.

They defeated OpTic Gaming, champions of Valorant Champions 2022, at VCT Masters Copenhagen 2023 with a score of 2-1. This victory shows that they are able to compete with the best teams in the world.

They even beat LOUD, the best Valorant team from Brazil, in Valorant Champions 2022 with a score of 2-1. This victory shows that they are able to adapt to the playing styles of teams from various regions.

Has Talented Players

Source: Valorant Championship Tour Pacific

This team from the country of ginseng has talented players who are the key to the team's success. One of them is BuZz.

This duelist player is famous for his extraordinary aim and movement. Was the 2022 South Korean VCT MVP.

The players not only have high individual abilities, but also have good teamwork. They support each other and communicate well in matches.

With a combination of talented players, good teamwork, adaptability and high motivation, they are a tough and difficult team to beat.

Known for his aggressive playing style

DRX Valorant. Source: YouTube.

The players on this team often push to attack their opponents and take over the control area. They did not hesitate to go forward and fight.

They also often do frag entries, namely being the first person to enter the area and get a kill. This helps their team to gain momentum and control the game.

His aggressive playing style has several advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that this playing style can provide an early game advantage and put pressure on your opponent. The downside is that this playing style can make the team vulnerable if it is not executed well.

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Has a Huge Fan Base

DRX Valorant. Source: YouTube.

DRX's achievements have made them a team that is respected and respected by Valorant fans.

Moreover, the players, BuZz, rb, Stax, Zest, and MaKo have unique abilities and playing styles. Fans like teams that have skilled and entertaining players.

DRX has an active fan community on various social media platforms. This community supports each other and exchanges information about it. An active community makes fans feel part of the DRX family.

With these interesting facts, it is not surprising that DRX Valorant is one of the most favorite Valorant teams in the world.

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