6 Indonesian Esport Team Logos and Their Nicknames

Indonesian Esport logo

Every Logo esports Indonesia certainly has its own meaning. In fact, usually, the logo is the nickname of the esports team that uses it.

Apart from that, the esports team logo is also the identity of the team. Now, that identity must represent the dreams and aspirations of the esports team.

This time we will review the logos of a number of esports teams in Indonesia. Come on, let's look at the following explanation!

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EVOS Legends nicknamed the White Tiger

EVOS Legends logo
EVOS Legends logo. Source: YouTube/Fanap Official

The EVOS Legends team has changed its logo, but EVOS still maintains its team icon, namely the White Tiger with.

Even though it has the same meaning, the EVOS team is more often called the “White Tiger” rather than being called the “White Tiger”.

The use of the tiger in the logo has succeeded in giving the EVOS team a strong and frightening image.

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RRQ Team with the nickname The King

Indonesian Esport logo
Team RRQ logo. Source: YouTube/Nhu.

Formerly Tam RRQ has a yellow crown on its logo. And from there, the RRQ Team was nicknamed "The King".

However, currently such a logo is no longer used by the RRQ Team. Because the RRQ Team has now rebranded its logo to make it simpler by only using a double R-shaped logo. 

Now, even though the crown is no longer on the logo, it still makes Team RRQ nicknamed "The King". 

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ONIC Esports nicknamed The Yellow Hedgehog

Indonesian Esport logo
ONIC Esports logo. Source: YouTube/MAW gaming

The next Esports logo is ONIC or ONIC Esports. This Esports team is often nicknamed the “Yellow Hedgehog” by their fans. 

 The ONIC Esports logo is so iconic that many people who aren't just esports fans recognize this team's logo.

The ONIC logo icon uses the character of a hedgehog, which at first glance is similar to the game Sonic the Hedgehog. It's just that ONIC Esports uses yellow as its team identity.

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Bigetron Alpha with the nickname Red Robot

Indonesian Esport logo
Bigetron logo. Source: YouTube/ARK Visual Esports

In early 2020, Bigetron Alpha made a logo to make its newest logo minimalist.

Despite experiencing a rebranding of the logo, Bigetron Alpha is still loyal to continue using the red robot as its team icon. 

It is because of this robot and the red color that Bigetron has earned the nickname “Red Robot”.

Aura Fire with the nickname Team Red Dragon or Fire Dragon

AuraFire logo
AuraFire logo. Source: YouTube/REZA HP MUHAMAD

The logo used by Aura Fire really illustrates why they can be called the "Red Dragon" or "Fire Dragon". 

The Aura Fire logo itself consists of a dragon logo, fire and a red background.

The Aura Fire logo is synonymous with this team, so it's only natural that they get the nickname from that logo.

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Boom Esports with the Nickname Wild Animals

Indonesian Esport logo
Boom Esports logo. Source: YouTube/BOOM Esports

Boom Esports has earned the nickname “Beast” because the logo they use contains a wild animal, namely a wolf.

Apart from that, they also have a very iconic tagline, namely “Beast on Our Mind”. And if the tagline is shortened, it will form the word Boom.

The use of a very iconic tagline, yes, from the Boom Esports team.

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So, that's our discussion about the Indonesian Esport Team Logo and its nickname. Hopefully this article is useful for you!

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