MPL ID Season 11 Playoff Schedule, Don't Miss It!

MPL ID S11 Playoffs

This time we will share Playoffs schedule MPL ID Season 11. It doesn't feel like Regular Season 11 has come to an end as of last Sunday (26/03).

The 6th Week event started on Thursday (23/03), and lasted for four days. There are 11 matches being contested, all of which use the Best of (BO) 3 system.

So officially the 8 teams have competed for their home and away quota. With that said, it was time for the top 6 of them to enter the playoffs.

As many already know, here the knockout system will be applied. Even so, the upper and lower bracket formats will give them several chances to play (losing does not mean dropping immediately).

Now, to find out what the details and schedule of the Playoffs are like, let's take a look!

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MPL ID Season 11 Playoff Format

Regular Season MPL ID
Regular Season MPL ID. Source: Official MPL Indonesia

Even though the MPL ID Playoff this season still uses the same system as before, I'm sure there are still Vicigers here who are confused and don't understand.

So, so that you don't get "blonga-plongo" when you watch the Playoffs together, we'll try to discuss the system first. The discussion will depart from the match system used.

Using Match BO 5 and BO 7

Unlike the Regular Season, the Playoff round will apply a BO 5 and BO7 match system (for the Grand Final).

That way, the number of matches in each match will also be more than the Regular Season.

In a BO 5 match, the team that scores three first will win the match.

As for the BO 7 system in the Grand Final later, those who manage to get a score of 4 will be lined up to become the MPL ID Season 11 champions.

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Upper and Lower Brackets

As has also been slightly “flickered” above, the Playoff round implements an upper and lower bracket. This system is a hybrid type that combines the qualifier and knockout competition structures.

With the implementation of the bracket system, each team has a better and fairer chance.

In addition, the number of matches will also increase – perfect for the needs of an industry that demands a high frequency of competition.

The essence of this system is to give a second chance to a team that loses an upper bracket match by "throwing" it into the lower bracket.

The hope is that these upper "outcast" teams can still have the chance to win the title by winning in the lower arena.

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Upper and Lower Brackets

MPL ID S11 Playoff Bracket Chart
MPL ID S11 Playoff Bracket Chart. Source: VCGamers

So now the discussion will go into the institutional system of the upper and lower brackets. This system still bases its implementation on the results of the Regular Season.

The 6 teams entering the Playoff round will first be divided into two. The first is the team that immediately gets a ticket to the upper bracket semifinals (UBSF) session, filled with the first (ONIC Esports) and second (RRQ) ranked teams from the Regular Season standings.

The second division will compete the remaining teams (Bigetron Alpha, Geek Slate, EVOS Legends, and Alter Ego) in the play-in session (Day 1). This round will determine the fate of the four teams: the losers fall straight away, and the winners enter UBSF.

The winner of UBSF will immediately enter the upper bracket final (UBF), while the loser will enter the lower bracket semifinals (LBSF). This is where those who have already tasted defeat will get a “second chance” to fight for the LBF position.

Those who win at UBF will immediately ensure the runner-up position for this season's winner: getting a ticket to the Grand Final. It's a different story with those who lost, where they will bounce back to LBF to return against the winner from LBSF.

The Grand Final session will then bring together the winners from UBF and LBF. For more details, see the diagram provided by VCGamers.

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MPL ID Season 11 Playoff Schedule

MPL ID S11 Playoff Schedule
MPL ID S11 Playoff Schedule. Source: VCGamers

Now, let's go to the most eagerly awaited, namely the Playoff schedule. According to the official MPL ID website, the Playoffs will take place over five days starting from 5-9 April 2023. Here are the details:

  • Day 1 MPL ID S11 – Wednesday (5/4)

“Play-in” Match 1: Bigetron Alpha vs. EVOS Legends

“Play-in” Match 2: Geek Slate vs. Alter egos

  • (Day 2) – Thursday (6/4)

UBSF Match 1: ONIC Esports vs. TBD

UBSF March 2: RRQ Hoshi vs. TBD

  • (Day 3) – Friday (7/4)

UBF Match 1: TBD vs. TBD

LBSF Match 2: TBD vs. TBD

  • (Day 4) – Saturday (8/4)

LBF Match: TBD vs. TBD

  • (Day 5) – Sunday (9/4)

Grand Finals: TBD vs. TBD

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