Latest April 2024 Valorant Night Market Schedule, Listen Carefully!

Night Market Valorant. is an event that players look forward to every month. You can get free skins and items.
Valorant. Source: Riot Games/Google

If Vicigers is a loyal fan of the game valorant, it's appropriate for you to know about the Valorant Night Market, which is a special event every season. Therefore, the Night Market event is always eagerly awaited by all players.

In simple terms, through this event, you will be given the opportunity to buy old weapon skins that have been sold before.

Missing the opportunity to buy weapons at this event is the same as missing the moment the goose lays the golden egg. So, you have to know for sure when the Night Market event will come back.

The question is, do you know when it's coming out? Through this article, the author will try to answer your curiosity and discuss the Night Market event in detail.

Without further ado, let's get into the discussion. Pay close attention to the following article, so you don't miss any information about this event. Check it out!

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Get to know Valorant Night Market

Valorant - Night Market Valorant
Valorant. (Source: Riot Games/Google)

Skin collectors come closer! Information about the event you have been waiting for is here!

Night Market Valorant or NMV is a special event period. This event is being held directly by Riot Games, where every player will be given the same opportunity to buy skins at low prices.

The level of rarity also varies. You can get rare or legendary skins, at very cheap prices.

What you should pay attention to is that this event annually releases the best weapon skins in the game. Moreover, this event is now being held longer than in previous years.

If in 2023, you could only get your luck for three weeks in one month, now you can try your luck for the whole month.

Latest April 2024 Valorant Night Market Schedule

Night Market Valorant
Night Market Valorant. (Source: Valorant Fanpage Wiki Fandom/Google)

In 2024, Valorant will hold a Night Market event on January 31, in the Americas region.

In Indonesia itself, this event started on February 1-29. The theme of the Night Market event in the previous period was Chinese New Year celebration.

Apart from celebrating Chinese New Year, yesterday's event also commemorated Valentine's Day, which falls on February 14th.

In April 2024, it is possible that the Night Market event will return, to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Another rationalization is the event period which is held every two months. If we calculate correctly, the previous event was held in January-February. So, two months after that is April.

Furthermore, it is possible that this event will be held from April 11-12 to April 30 2024.

Well, until now, there is still no definite information released by the party Riot Games Indonesia.

Let's wait for the announcement together, and don't be easily influenced by tempting offers outside the Riot Games account. Because, something like that can definitely be a fraud.

Prize List

Valorant Night Market 2022
Valorant Night Market 2022. (Source: IGN India/Google)

As previously explained, Vicigers can get six skins weapon which are combined in one set, randomly.

Not just weapon skins, you can also get various discounts, ranging from 10-49 percent.

How to Access

How to access it is very easy. You only need to open the Valorant game, and check the top right corner, when you arrive at the lobby.

Click the banner that says Night Market, to access the prizes.

Select the item or skin you want. Make sure you pay close attention to the discounts offered.

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