How to Use Commands in Minecraft

Minecraft Commands

Command Minecraft is basically a command or code cheats which allows you to do many things in this game.

With this command, you can move places instantly folder, getting scarce resources to manipulating servers.

This article will discuss how to use Command in Minecraft and a list of cheats. Curious? Come on, make your playing experience more colorful!

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How to Use Commands in Minecraft

Minecraft Commands
How to use Commands in Minecraft. Source: Triloms/Youtube

How to use Command in Minecraft is quite easy. First, make sure you are playing on a server that allows the use of Commands.

Apart from joining a server that has been created by another user, you can also create your own server and then activate the Console Command feature in the setup section.

If you play using another server, you can try testing whether that server can use this feature.

Minecraft Commands
Check Command on the server. Source: GuideRealm/Youtube

There are various ways to bring up the Command feature in Minecraft. This depends on what console or device you are using. For PC, you can use the “/” button on the keyboard.

When the Command column is open, you only need to type the desired code into it and the server will make it happen for you. Easy right?

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Collection of Command Cheat Codes in Minecraft

Using Commands in Minecraft can make your game even more fun. Some versions even provide Command recommendations as soon as you start typing.

For those of you who are still beginners, you can use the following basic commands to practice:

  • Move players to a specific location: /tp [player]
  • Gives free experience points: /experience add
  • Changing the difficulty level in the game: /difficulty
  • Changing the weather: /weather [duration]
  • Giving away free items: /give [quantity]
  • Spawns a mob at a certain location: /summon [xyz]

There are quite a lot of other types of Commands that you can use in Minecraft, remembering that these 6 basic Commands are quite helpful for beginners.

For example, with Command /summon [xyz] You can now spawn various mobs at your location, including rare mobs such as the new Spider.

Minecraft Commands
New Spider Mob. Source: Triloms/Youtube

For those of you who want to explore more Command variations in the Minecraft game, here is the list:

  • Instantly kill targets: /kill [TargetPlayer]
  • Switching the server to Creative mode: /gamemode creative
  • Switching the server to Survival mode: /gamemode survival
  • Displays the Seed code for your location: /seeds
  • Increase the amount of water on the server: /atlantis
  • Doubles the item you are holding: /duplicate
  • Place items in your storage into a chest (appears automatically): /dropstore
  • Make plants grow instantly: /instantplant
  • Keeps all items you have when you die: /gamerule keepInventory true
  • Stopping the cycle of day and night: /gamerule doDaylightCycle false
  • Turn the mob in front of you into a mount: /ride
  • Stopping mobs: /Freeze
  • Converts various items to their melted form: /superheat
  • Make weapons no longer break: /itemdamage
  • Making the camera shake: /camerashake
  • Eliminating Spawn points: /clearspawnpoint
  • Opening NPC dialogue: /dialogue
  • Add or remove status effects: /effect
  • Provides enchantment to items owned by the user: /enchant
  • Stimulates the occurrence of an event on a particular object: /events
  • Fill part or all of the area of a place with certain blocks: /fill
  • Adding or removing fog in the game: /fog
  • Deals damage to certain entities: /damage
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Well, that's everything you need to know about Command in Minecraft. So, are you ready to try the code above?

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