How to Make a Saddle in the Latest Minecraft 2023

how to make a saddle in minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in gaming history, and now many are looking for tips, such as how to make a saddle in minecraft. 

The controls and game systems in Minecraft are simple and easy to understand, but that doesn't mean you don't have difficulties playing, just like how to make a saddle in Minecraft. 

What matters in this game is survival. Minecraft allows players to have free control over their own world. Thus, the player has to collect materials needed to craft or find other useful items in the game world.

The crafting table and furnace in Minecraft are some of the important tools available to players. While the saddle is one of the most popular items in the game, you cannot make the item yourself. 

You have to explore the world and find and collect these items in the world of Minecraft. So the way to make a saddle in minecraft is to find it.

Locations and How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

Actually there is no way to make saddles in minecraft, you have to find them in certain locations. In java edition, you can find it in the Creative Inventory Menu under Transportation. Apart from that, you can find them in several locations below.


Using Beds
Minecraft chest. Source: Youtube.

Chests are one of the few ways to get saddles in Minecraft. There are several chests where you have the opportunity to own these items, such as;

  • Underground chest
  • Ancient city chest
  • Bastion leftover hoglin stable chest
  • Desert shrine chest
  • Forest shrine chest
  • Lower fortress chest
  • Stronghold altar chest 
  • Village armorer chest
  • Village savanna house chest

Many of these locations can have saddles in them, but they are still rare. If necessary, search the structure and you should search through the crates until there is a saddle, though that might take a long time.

Mobs Loot

How to Make a Car in Minecraft WikiHow
Mobs in Minecraft. Source: WikiHow

Mob loot is one way to make saddles in minecraft 2023. If this mob has a saddle, your scouts can kill it to get items, along with any loot and XP it carries. 

However, usually not on the mob. That saddle is one that Minecraft players wear, so you have to fight them.

However, a strider can lay eggs saddled on top if a zombified pig rides on it. If the strider is killed, a free saddle is dropped. 

Ravagers, which are basically the final bosses of raids, always drop saddles, so that's one of the easiest ways to collect the item. 

Unfortunately, for the most part, those are the only mods that come with a saddle, which makes the method a bit difficult. On the other hand, it's less challenging to raid and collect saddles that way.

Trades or trading

how to make a saddle in minecraft
How to make a saddle in Minecraft. Source: Dafunda.

Trading or trading is the only surefire way to get a saddle, but it takes a bit of work. In the Java Edition, master level leather craftsmen will always provide this trade. That said, it costs six emeralds. 

In the Bedrock Edition, the villager has a 50 percent chance of making a trade. To reach the master level, Minecraft players will have to spend a lot of time trading with these villagers. 

You can give them hide, flint, rabbit skin or scales to get emeralds, which will also increase their level. Instead, Minecraft players can buy other items. 

Leathersmiths sell all kinds of leather armor pieces as well as horse hide leather protectors. Finally, once the master level is reached, the saddle will become available.

When you've earned a lot of emeralds, exchange them for a friendly village Leather Worker in exchange for a saddle. If you can't find a Leather Craftsman in the village, you can turn the non-working villagers into one by placing cauldrons in their path.

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Fishing in the game Minecraft. Source: Minecraft.

Fishing is probably how to make a saddle in minecraft. Fishing for treasure items, including saddles, is quite rare. However, it is still within the realm of possibility. 

The saddle has a 0.8 percent chance of being caught with a regular stick. However, with Luck of the Sea III's fishing rod, those opportunities grow exponentially. 

This increases the chances of obtaining items such as magic books or name tags. That said, saddles were one of the most common treasure items that crafters found.

Throw the fishing line into the water and watch the bubbles come out of the water. If you wait patiently, the bubble will move towards the fishing line and eventually pull the bobber down, that is the signal to tug on the fishing line.

If you're lucky, you'll get a saddle that will be added automatically to your inventory, though be warned that this may take a few tries.

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