How to Choose a Gaming Laptop Processor, Note This!

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How to choose laptop processor seems to have become a necessity to support daily activities, especially for gaming. Thanks to ever-expanding varieties, everyone can easily buy according to their budget. However, you have to be careful when choosing it so you don't get lost when using it.

So, how to choose a laptop processor for gaming? Apart from the brand, pay attention to the details provided by the seller. The processor is one of the many components that you should start paying attention to. The reason is, these components work like the 'brain or core' in a laptop. 

A quality processor will certainly carry out various activities, from browsing in cyberspace to designing professional videos. So, to make it easier for you to find the best processor for a laptop, see how to choose a laptop processor for gaming below!

How to Choose a Gaming Laptop Processor

The higher the GHz speed or the number of processor cores, it is not always absolute that a processor will have better performance than a processor with a lower number. 

Compare Benchmarks

how to choose laptop processor
did a 2022 benchmark comparison

The question is, how do we know which processor is the most capable? If you are faced with many options, the wisest way to compare them is through a benchmark comparison.

Simply put, a benchmark is an assessment based on overall performance. That is, you will know how well a processor is performing in real terms, not from reviews or consumer/critic ratings. 

As explained above, the "numbers" listed on the brochure are not a reference in benchmarks. Later, the benchmark application will calculate how capable the performance of the processor you choose is. 

The number of processor cores must also be considered

how to choose laptop processor
how to choose a gaming laptop processor

It has been explained previously that the number of cores (cores or threads) in a processor does not fully affect the overall performance. This statement is true. However, this doesn't mean that you have to completely forget about it, so this aspect is ignored.

The thing you need to know about processor cores is their number. Currently, the number of processor cores available in the market is two, four, six and eight threads. Basically, the more cores, the better the multitasking performance of the processor.

From now on, you should also pay attention to game compatibility with processor cores. For example, to play GTA V, you need to buy a processor with four cores or more. Because this game can no longer be played on a dual core processor.

Consider Processor Generation

how to choose laptop processor
how to choose laptop processor

If you want to keep up with technology, you probably know that processors come in different generations, even if they are of the same type. For example, Intel processors are currently in their 10th generation and are preparing for their 11th generation.

This generational difference is one of the things to consider when choosing a processor. The reason is, the processor whose generation is more mature certainly has better performance and lower power consumption than its similar predecessors.

From there, you also need to consider the prospects for the processor you choose for the next few years. In general, today's processors will be available in the next 4-5 years.

For that, choose processor the latest generation is a wise move rather than imposing a processor that performs better but is out of date.

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Adjust To Needs

how to choose laptop processor
how to choose laptop processor

Of course, as a hardcore gamer, PC/laptop gaming performance is a top priority when choosing components such as processors. It's understandable if you want an expensive processor with above average performance.

For example, you are more focused on increasing performance by buying a gaming PC/laptop with a high-end processor. In fact, you also have to pay attention to other components such as a graphics card (VGA), screen, cooling technology for performance efficiency. 

It would be wise if you choose a processor that is at least above average. You see, you can still overclock the alias, which will improve CPU performance if it has a "K" or "X" behind it.

That's a series of ways to choose a laptop processor for gaming. In conclusion, good or bad processor performance is directly proportional to the price.

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The more expensive the price, the more confident the processor will provide the highest performance. If you are careful in choosing, you can also reduce your budget to buy a gaming PC/laptop at a lower price.

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