List of Indonesian Free Fire Pro Players in the Global Arena

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Not a few of the Survivors who dream of becoming pro player Free Fire. Some of them are reliable players who compete in big championships in order to be the best.

There are only some of the best Free Fire pro players in Indonesia whose playing skills deserve to be taken into account, the list of which is as follows:


Has a real name Regi Pratama, MR05 is Free Fire pro players from EVOS Esports. Since elementary school, I have been fond of playing Point Blank.

At first MR05 was just messing around with the Free Fire game, but then got hooked and decided to get serious. MR05 is claimed to be Indonesia's best rusher at the moment.

MR05 in the EVOS Esports team has repeatedly made achievements in major tournaments. Collecting 39 kills alone, MR05 successfully won the “Predator” title while helping EVOS Esports win IGC 2020.


Saeful Muharrom is the captain of the Free Fire EVOS Esports team. SAM13 really likes playing games from elementary school.

Previously, he played AyoDance as well as Point Blank, which then became oriented towards Free Fire. Free Fire pro players consistently presents the best skills.

Together with his team, SAM13 has successfully won many championships starting from FFWC 2019, FFML Season 1 and 2, IGC 2020, and also FFIM 2020 Fall.


Jars and his ONIC Valhalla team successfully won the title of champion in the XL Axiata Game Hero Indonesia tournament at the end of 2019.

In 2020, Jars also won FFML Season 1, FFIM 2020 Spring, FFML Season 2, and 2nd Runner Up of FFIM 2020 Fall. In the FFIM 2020 Fall grand final, Jars collected 13 kills that made him a “Predator”.


His name is Fakhri Ardikusuma and his stage name is Tayoooo. He is a Free Fire pro player from the team that won the top spot in FFIM 2020 Spring, the ONIC Olympus squad.

Tayoooo also succeeded in winning group A in FFML Season 2 and collecting 9 Kills in the FFIM 2020 Fall grand final as well as the 2nd Runner Up trophy.


Richard William Manurung is his real name and is the captain and support in the RRQ Hades team.

The teenager from Pematang Siantar succeeded in bringing RRQ Hades as the winner of the Dunia Games Golden Ticket so that he automatically advanced to the grand finals of FFIM 2019.

Legaeloth is also the 2nd Runner Up at FFWC 2019 with his SFI Zet Hades team.

As the “Player of the Match” in the second round of FFIM 2020 Fall, Legaeloth is Free Fire pro players the key to success in bringing RRQ Hades to the title of Runner Up in the FFIM 2020 Fall event.

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Abdul Aziz Husein is Free Fire pro players who is now on the AURA Esports team.

Called DeadLy, he managed to get 36 kills during the regular season of FFML Season 2 and led AURA Esports to win Group B.

In the FFIM 2020 Fall grand final, he was able to collect 6 kills alone.


Muhammad Afaiq is Free Fire pro players from the FFIM 2020 Fall champion squad, namely EVOS Esports.

Even though EVOS Esports fell to the bottom in the last round of FFIM 2020 Fall, Street, which is his nickname, was successful as a playmaker that allowed EVOS to maintain their ranking at the top of the standings.

Until the FFIM 2020 Fall grand final is over, Street can score up to 11 kills.


EVOS Esports won the title of champion in FFML Season 1-2 and FFIM 2020 Fall, of course also because of Abu's role.

Always presenting an aggressive playing style Abu Sofiyan succeeded in collecting 8 kills during the FFIM 2020 Fall grand final then brought him to the Free Fire FFCS Series Asia world competition.


Is Free Fire pro players from the RRQ Hades squad whose real name is Abdurrahman Lahay.

Chanzu played a role when guiding RRQ Hades to the Runner Up spot for FFIM 2020 Fall so that he was included as Indonesia's representative in the FFCS Asia Series.

Chanzu successfully collected 9 kills in the FFIM 2020 Fall grand final as well as being the “Player of the Match” in the 3rd round.


His name is Mohammad Juliantoro who is also part of the cast Free Fire pro players the main team of AURA Esports who played a role in helping the team win FFML Season 2.

In the FFIM 2020 Fall grand final, GunZ was the second player to get the highest kills, namely 12 kills alone.

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