Free Fire Update June 2021 Presents Many Prizes for Survivors

Free Fire Update June 2021

Free Fire the June 2021 update is rumored to be released soon 5 days from now, or around June 8 2021 next week.

Surely many of you are waiting for the latest update of this game, right? Moreover, the last Free Fire update was carried out by Garena in April 2021.

You can definitely find a lot of new things later when the latest June update has officially been released. Survivors who have updated can also take part in new events that are taking place, so make sure don't forget to update your Free Fire application, Vicigers!

Friendly Fire

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Free Fire Update June 2021 Prizes:

So, we got this information, in the period from 8 to 13 June 2021, survivors will get x3 Weapon Royale Vouchers and x3 diamond Royale Vouchers on the first day of login.

You can also get x1 Incubator Vouchers if you continue to log in to the game on the second and third days.

Luck Royale vouchers will also be presented in the event update later, you can get these vouchers through the Peak Day mission. Every survivor can have x4 Luck Royale Vouchers!

Can't wait for sure to wait for the June Update? Make sure you don't miss logging in for those three days, Vicigers, so you can claim all the prizes.

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