Hero Counter Sombra in Overwatch 2, Use it Now!

Counter Sobra

Sombra is the same as Tracer in Overwatch 2, both are cunning heroes who love to make quick and spectacular moves. So, you need a proper Sombra counter games this.

Sombra was able to escape before her enemies caught her off guard. Playing against him, on the other hand, can be a bit annoying. He can use his hacking abilities to prevent certain opponents from taking advantage of his abilities.

This thing is an important part of his arsenal and could easily lead to a lucrative fight for his team at Overwatch 2

Using his opportunist powers, he can observe injured enemies through the barrier. As a result, he can make strategic moves that are more likely to achieve his team's goals.

So, who is Sombra's counter hero who can beat him easily? Just scroll down bro!

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List of Sombra Counter Heroes

Sombra is an annoying hero to fight, but that doesn't mean he can't be beat. A true hero can achieve anything. 

Well, here are three Overwatch heroes 2 which can challenge Sombra and help players make better match decisions. 

In particular, VCGamers has summarized several Sombra counter heroes that you can use in Overwatch 2.


May Overwatch 2
Mei Overwatch 2. Source: VCGamers.

In terms of damage against Sombra in Overwatch 2, Mei is one of the best options. Mei is a strong challenger in this fight due to her ability to make a little of everything. 

His first weapon, the Endothermic Blaster, can slow and restrain Sombra. This could prevent him from putting on a standout show, and if he did, it could lead to his death.

If Sombra uses her second ability, Cryo-Freeze, to eliminate Mei , she may end up freezing herself out of harm's way. 

His Ice Wall was the last to appear. Even though Sombra is a mobile hero, he won't be able to accomplish anything if his target is blocked from him. Mei's army wouldn't care much about him once he was no longer fighting.

When choosing Mei for Sombra, players should be aware that the latter has the ability to hijack its creator's skills, leaving him unable to defend himself or his friends. 

Mei has to be very wary of using her blaster to slow Sombra down enough to prevent her from getting on the move. 

Mei will be safe and able to use all of her abilities if she continues to damage Sombra because the damage stops the hack.


Overwatch 2 Hero Winston
Winston Gameplay by xqc. Source: Twitch/xqc

Winston is an excellent choice for players looking for a good tank to take on Sombra in Overwatch 2. 

Given Sombra's mobility, her opponent should be able to match her, and Winston did it admirably. Winston's Jump Jet can easily catch up with a running Sombra. 

Winston would be able to track him even if he used the Translocator or Stealth to escape because the distance was too great.

Winston is ideal for this fight because of his Tesla Cannon. He could be sure that his untargeted damage would restrain Sombra and prevent her from using Hack on him. 

Winston had to keep his attacks directed at Sombra because once hacked, he was no longer useful. If he gets too close, he may stop his mid-hack so he and his crew can guard him and keep pushing their aim.

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Pharah. Source: Youtube/PlayOverwatch.

One of the main problems when playing against Sombra is the fear of being hacked. The hacked hero becomes helpless. Characters like Pharah can circumvent Sombra, effectively making it unhackable. 

As a result, he is an excellent choice to fight Sombra in Overwatch 2. Pharah is always able to get far enough away from Sombra by using his Jump Jet to stay in the air or by finding hard-to-reach perches. Sombra will continue to be a challenge for his team, but Pharah is willing to help.

Pharah can avoid Sombra by staying in the air and seeing her enemy from a higher position. This gives him the advantage of being able to find Sombra even after using his Translocator powers. 

Once found, Pharah can easily eliminate him with his Rocket Launcher. Pharah's army, on the other hand, could be destroyed if Sombra manages to use her EMP powers. 

However, he can change the course of a battle simply by using his Barrage, giving his troops enough time to recover from the hack and pivot to recapture objectives.

So, using the three Sombra hero counters above will make it easier for you to beat him.

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