Collaboration with RansVerse, SBM ITB Students Can Study in the First Metaverse in Indonesia

SBM ITB x RansVerse

Bandung Institute of Technology School of Business and Management (SBM ITB) collaborated with the first metaverse in Indonesia, RansVerse. This collaboration is carried out in an effort to develop the world of education in the metaverse.

Director of the GreaterHub SBM ITB, Dina Dellyana, stated that her collaboration with RansVerse would be carried out in stages.

"In the early stages we will activate virtual incubation activities for SBM ITB startups, organize workshops and classes," said Dina in a press statement from SBM ITB Public Relations.

Furthermore, he said, a metaverse version will also be made from several labs at SBM ITB such as the Technology Management Laboratory or MOT Lab, Incubator, makerspace and so on.

Dina explained, the collaboration was carried out to explore educational activities using new technology.

"So that it is more relatable to students, besides that it also improves the learning experience for students. We hope that this collaboration can accelerate the development of the digital entrepreneurship ecosystem at SBM ITB," he said.

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Dina also added that this collaboration is in line with SBM ITB's mission to educate students to become innovative and entrepreneurial leaders, develop and disseminate business and management knowledge for the advancement of business, government and society that can be implemented in the metaverse world.

Separately, VCGamers Co-Founder & Chairman, Wafa Taftazani, stated that the strategic partnership between RansVerse and SBM ITB is very good.

“Proud of VCGamers and RansVerse for forming a strategic partnership with the Bandung Institute of Technology School of Business and Management (SBM ITB), one of the leading universities in Indonesia, to build the country's first metaversity. Web3 has a big role to play in advancing education in Indonesia and I am very excited to see how the team will move this forward!” he said.

For information, RansVerse is the first metaverse in Indonesia that uses blockchain technology as a foundation that connects the physical and virtual worlds. Various things in RansVerse will later be in the form of NFTs.

There is a RansVerse Builder feature that allows players to create and design their own NFTs in the form of houses, costumes, vehicles, etc. These NFTs can also be traded on the VCG marketplace using the $VCG Token.

They also plan to expand partnerships with brands, content creators, gamers and game developers so that it can become a platform that is meaningfully inclusive in both the local and international gaming community.

You can view information about RansVerse by accessing this link.

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