META Hero for Each Role in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Heroes

Overwatch 2 has a variety of heroes divided into three roles namely Tank, DPS, and Support. This time, VCGamers will discuss the currently very strong heroes for each role.

After understanding divisions and ranks in Overwatch 2, it's time for you to push rank with a strong hero that will be discussed below!

The heroes listed in this article are based on the use of the skill sets they have for teamfight wins and their respective tasks according to their roles.

For example, a tank hero will be considered very good and META if he has a skill set to disrupt enemy positions, can withstand damage from enemies, and other tasks which will be discussed below.

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Tank Heroes Overwatch 2

Tanks have the task of absorbing damage from enemies, creating space for one team, and also breaking up enemy positions during teamfights. If you use a tank, then you will be the front line and lead the teamfight initiation.

Hero Overwatch 2 that is currently being META especially the tank heroes are Winston and Zarya. They both have unique skill sets that make it easy to carry out their duties as tanks.


Overwatch 2 Hero Winston
Winston Gameplay by xqc. Source: Twitch/xqc

Winston has a very disruptive jumping skill. With this jumping skill, Winston can break up the positions of the enemies who are gathering. Not only that, he also has a shield that can be placed to absorb enemy damage.

Ultimate from Winston is also very useful to provide space for the team. Enemies who are hit by attacks when Winston has the ultimate skill will bounce off and stay away from the crucial objective in Overwatch 2.


Hero Tank Zarya
Hero Zarya with a Laser Gun. Source; GameSpot

Zarya is famous for his bubble skill which really annoys the enemy. The bubble skill is very annoying for the enemy because it can block all the damage received.

Uniquely, Zarya's bubble skills can be given to friends. So, if Genji does his ultimate to the enemy's back line, Zarya can protect him by giving him a bubble skill.

The damage from Zarya is also quite painful as a tank hero. Moreover, the more damage received when using the bubble, the higher the damage output given by Zarya's laser attacks.

Lastly, Zarya's ultimate skill is very strong and useful as a grouping and determines teamfight wins.

When the enemy is hit by Zarya's ultimate skill, as a teammate, you can use the ultimate as a combo like the ultimate Hanzo, Reaper, and others.

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DPS Heroes Overwatch 2

As the name implies, this DPS or Damage Per Second hero deals the highest damage to enemies. DPS heroes have a duty to kill enemies during teamfights and use their ultimate to win teamfights.

The following are two DPS heroes who are currently in a very strong position. Reaper and Sojourn are the strongest DPS heroes at the moment thanks to their skill sets.


Overwatch 2 Hero Reapers
Hero Reaper Pose. Source: Blizzard

Raper has a very high damage output when fighting enemies at close range. Not only that, Reaper also has a passive lifesteal which is very useful because it can heal itself every time it damages an enemy.

The ultimate skill is very strong and can determine the victory of a teamfight. If combined with Zarya's ultimate skill, it will be more deadly.

The escape skill is very useful for escaping from situations that are detrimental to the Reaper. For a few seconds, the Reaper will become invulnerable and can immediately run away to the back line, get healed, and finally the enemy will find it difficult to catch up.

Finally, the teleport skill is very useful for dealing damage to the enemy's back line, namely support and DPS. The combo that you can use as a Reaper is to teleport to the back line and activate the ultimate skill.


Overwatch 2 Hero Sojourn
Skill Slide by Sojourn. Source: Blizzard

Sojourn is a hero who just arrived after Overwatch 2 was released. This hero has very high damage thanks to the secondary fire in the form of a rail gun.

You can use this secondary fire after dealing damage to enemies with primary fire. Dealing damage to the enemy will increase the charge and the more the charge, the more painful the secondary fire will be.

After that, Sojourn also has a skill that gives a slow effect and quite high damage. This skill can close space or enemy zoning so as not to enter an area.

Lastly, the available slide skills can also give Sojourn access to run backwards after initiating or when things are low. Enemy heroes will find it difficult to target Sojourn when using the slide skill.

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Hero Support Overwatch 2

An equally important role in Overwatch 2 is support. Hero support is very useful because they have the skill to heal teammates' HP.

However, hero support has a tendency, namely very thin HP. This means that hero support can be an easy target for enemies and will die easily if they are in the wrong position during a teamfight.

Here are the very strong support heroes in the current Overwatch 2 patch. They have extraordinary mobility and very useful skills so they are not easily killed by the enemy team.


Hero Lucio Slide
Lucio Slide Wall. Source: Attack of the Fanboy

Lucio is a very unique support hero because he can wall surf the Overwatch 2 map. Therefore, it will be more difficult for the enemies to catch Lucio who is agile wall surfing.

Not only surfing, Lucio can also provide enough heal as a support hero. He can also push enemies off a cliff and kill them instantly, especially in the Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, and other maps.

The ultimate skill is very useful during teamfights. When he uses the ultimate skill, the HP of nearby friends will increase drastically. This ultimate skill can be used by Lucio when he wants to counter enemy ultimate skills such as Genji, Reaper, Sigma, and others.


Kiriko's introduction
Kiriko Overwatch 2 introduction. Source: YouTube/PlayOverwatch

Apart from Sojourn, there is a new hero that will be present when Overwatch 2 is released namely Kiriko. Kiriko is a support hero from Japan with her Kitsune and Kunai powers.

As support, Kiriko has a fairly high damage output and also heals very well and almost instantly. Besides that, Kiriko's skills are also very useful for Kiriko himself and a team.

Kiriko's skill makes it possible to teleport to nearby friends. This teleportation can be used to provide healing and also to escape from enemies.

There is also a skill called Protection Suzu which provides invulnerability and cleanse effects for various debuffs such as Ana's grenades against Kiriko and friends around.

Finally, Kiriko has the best ultimate skill in the game which gives AoE buff attack speed, movement speed, reload time, and also shortens the cooldown of Kiriko and her friends.

Thus the discussion regarding the best heroes in Overwatch 2 according to their respective roles, I hope this is useful!

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