Genshin Impact's Meta Characters Turn Out to Be Not Good

Genshin Impact Meta Characters

Lots of Meta characters Genshin Impact who is preferred because he has qualified skills in the match. Unfortunately, there are some of these characters that are less good.

There are even 5 star characters, some of which tend to be less good at release. This makes many players disappointed in this character.

It's just that many Genshin Impact players prioritize efficiency and characters that are considered "meta". Unfortunately for these characters, they are not the most meta choice in most situations.

The current new Meta characters will still perform very well for old players. So you won't have any trouble if you like using one of these characters.

List of Genshin Impact Meta Characters

Some of Genshin Impact's Meta characters are actually not good enough in the current game. Who are they? Just look at the reviews below.

Kaedehara Kazuha

kaedehara kazuha genshin impact
Kaedehara Kazuha

Kazuha released in Update 1.6. At that time, he was considered a 5-star version of Sucrose. Therefore, many players believed that Primogems wasted this character when they got Sucrose and Venti.

However, he is the most suitable Meta Genshin Impact character so far. The wind can attract and collect enemies and monsters better than anyone else on the character roster.

In addition, the accuracy and convenience of her kit and elemental buffs make Kazuha the most used character in Spiral Abyss.


Genshin Impact Zhongli

Zhongli disappointed many players when he was released because his true strength made everyone lose hope about the invincible archon in the world of Genshin. Many players feel cheated when they accept B-tier supporters.

Players complained about this character so much that the developers modified the kit. After a significant buff, Zhongli has become the most useful and flexible support in Genshin Impact now for several reasons.

Yes Miko

build yae miko genshin impact
Yes Miko

Yea Miko was also a character who was not very good before the release of Dendro's elemental reactions. His complex equipment requires him to remain on the field long enough even though he is designed to be a DMG dealer off the field.

It wasn't until the 3.0 update rolled out that Yea Miko showed her potential. In addition, the new Gilded Dreams artifact set gives him the necessary buff. Apart from that, Aggravate's new elemental reaction between Dendro and Electro also makes Yae Miko more useful in the current meta game.


Childe Build

Childe is a Hydro character who can play many roles. She is a 5 star character available in Snezhnaya's Farewell wish event. Before building this strong character, you must understand its capabilities. This character also has three types of attacks with different effects.

Most Genshin Impact players have almost forgotten about Childe. He needed a high Constellation level to be unlocked to make him stronger.

But Genshin Impact veterans found the best team to optimize their strength at low Constellation levels for F2P players.

You have to build a Childe national team with Xiangling, Bennett, and Xingqiu or Kazuha. In addition, the new Polar Star also greatly increased its power.

His normal attack is Cutting Torrent. This character will fire 6 shots in a row with his bow. When you hold down the normal attack button, you can aim at the target with a charged attack.

The DMG of charged attacks is obviously higher than that of normal attacks. Riptide's attacks deal AoE Hydro DMG to enemies. Plugged's attack caused a shower of arrows as Childe fell from the air.

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Sangonomia Kokomi

sangonomiya kokomi is suitable for ocean-hued clams
Sangonomia Kokomi

Kokomi not released at the right time. The banner follows that of the Raiden Shogun and the equipment isn't particularly impressive. That made this character undervalued in its first release.

However, he is one of the most desirable characters right now in the current meta. Kokomi has great and stable Hydro application ability while its healing effect is extraordinary.

In addition, Bloom's powerful new elemental reaction between Hydro and Dendro has also made Kokomi the preferred off-field sub-DPS now.

Spending his childhood reading military treatises from Teyvat, Sangonomiya Kokomi grows into a character who has a strategy and can outwit enemies with genius tactics. A 5-star Hydro user and Barbara have a lot in common, but Kokomi can be more than a healer.

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Not all healers in the game are rewarded for their talents. However, the meta might change because her abilities show that Genshin Impact's Kokomi can be a monster with strong powers despite her cute appearance.

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