The Best F2P Build For Kaedehara Kazuha Genshin Impact

kaedehara kazuha genshin impact

Genshin Impact has released its newest Anemo character, Kaedehara Kazuha, in the second and possibly final event banner for the latest 2022 version.

Fortunately, Kaedehara Kazuha F2P is very friendly. The sub-DPS build is fairly simple, and there are great weapons that any player can use.

Build F2P Kaedehara Kazuha

With a solid build, this character can deal massive Elemental Burst Damage while increasing abilities DPS his teammate.

Best Weapon

kaedehara sword kazuha kagotsurube isshin genshin impact
the best weapon for Kazuha character

While the new Freedom-Sworn is the best weapon in the slot for Kazuha, F2P players have another great sword option. The craftable sword, Iron Sting, is the best F2P weapon for Kazuha.

Iron Sting works very well with the new ronin character due to its high Elemental Mastery substat. With high Elemental Mastery, she can produce powerful Swirl effects and buff the whole team to elemental damage.

Currently, the only other 4-star sword with the Elemental Mastery substat was Alley Flash. His basic attack is over 100 points higher than Iron Sting, but his substats are much lower.

While F2P players can technically acquire Alley Flash, they are generally advised to avoid the gun banners.

Kazuha players should still prioritize Iron Sting over other 4 star swords. Elemental Mastery is very important for Kazuha's build, and Iron Sting can provide up to 165 points of this substat. Also, since the weapon is craftable, players can easily repair it.

Iron Sting's passive ability works for him too, allowing elemental damage to trigger a 6 percent damage boost. With refinement, this buff grows to 12 percent. Buffs can stack up to two times, and Kazuha's Elemental Burst will generate stacks quickly.

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Best Artifact

the best artifact for hero Kazuha

Like the other Anemo characters, Kaedehera Kazuha is best used with the Viridescent Venerer artifact. With a set bonus of 4 pieces, she can create stronger Swirl reactions and lower enemy resistance.

Venerer's Viridescent Artifact perfectly matched Kazuha's “Fuubutsu Poetry” talent. While the 4-part bonus lowers enemy elemental resistance with Swirl effect, Kazuha's Swirls increases party elemental damage based on her Elemental Mastery.

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In order to maximize its utility, players should try to use artifacts with Anemo Damage, CRIT Rate, CRIT Damage and Elemental Mastery as main stats.

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