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After Google Gemini emerged as a serious competitor GPT Chat, now another artificial intelligence has emerged that is capable of creating music, namely Suno AI. 

You can ask this artificial intelligence to create complete songs and music according to the user's wishes.

Just like using Chat GPT, users only need to write commands to describe the criteria for songs and music as desired. 

There are many interesting features in artificial intelligence This. To find out more, we have fully reviewed the meaning, brief review, how to use it and how to buy a Suno AI subscription package below. 

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Suno AI

How to Make Music with Suno
How to Make Music with Suno. Source: YouTube MonzonMedia

Suno AI is artificial intelligence that can create songs and music according to user commands. This platform was created by developers in Germany and launched to the public in 2023.

A year later, the developer launched a new feature that allows users to add vocals to their music. 

Now users can use Suno AI to create songs. Apart from that, users can also test the lyrics they write using Suno AI. 

If you are writing lyrics and are confused about determining the tone, you can use this feature. Users only need to write their lyrics, then what genre of music they want to perform the song with. 

This feature is very helpful for artists who are running out of ideas for making notes for their lyrics. 

Apart from this feature, users can also order Suno AI to write lyrics and make arrangements. Users only need to write the story, genre, and in what language the lyrics will be written. 

Later this artificial intelligence will create 2 versions of a two-minute song. Based on the experimental results, the quality of the music produced is quite good. 

It's just that the Indonesian lyrics produced by Suno AI force the use of rhyme in each verse too much. This actually makes the work of art feel stiff.

However, Suno AI is smart enough to understand the music genre the user wants, especially western genres. This AI still needs improvement so that it can display more music genres. 

How to Use Suno AI 

Suno AI Makes Music
Source: YouTube Rossybytes

In this second discussion we will explain how to use this AI. Read the full explanation below:

First: The first step you have to do is visit the Suno AI site or visit the site https://suno.com/

Second: When you arrive at the main page, you can click the "Sign Up" button to create an account. Use your email address, password, and other necessary information. 

Third: Click the "Create" button and you will enter the editor page to write commands, create instruments or test lyrics. 

Fourth: After writing the command or pasting the lyrics in the top column and filling in the song title, you can click "Create" at the bottom.

Fifth: Wait a few moments until the process is complete. Suno AI will present two song arrangement options for you. 

If you feel comfortable with the music created by Suno AI, just download the song.

But if you still feel like the song you made is not enough, you can also edit it first. 

There are many tools available in this AI, you can edit, cut, add effects, and change instruments with these tools. 

Finally, if it is correct, you can save it to your device and then share the music. You can share music from Suno AI on social media platforms and music streaming platforms. 

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How Suno AI Works

Illustration of NLP Technology in Suno AI
How NLP Works at Suno AI. Source: YouTube SparkCognition

This artificial intelligence uses NLP or Natural Language Processing which allows computers to understand human language. 

Quoting from amazon.com, NLP is a machine learning technology that allows AI to interpret commands in a language. 

This technology allows this AI to understand text that describes the type of music, genre, mood, tempo and instruments. Then this AI will analyze the text based on relevant keywords. 

After understanding the text, Suno will match the information or keywords against relevant parameters.

For example, if you write a command that contains the keywords "cheerful" or "enthusiasm", the resulting music will be fast tempo and high pitched.

That's a brief explanation of how Suno AI works. So, if you want to access the many features that this artificial intelligence has, you can activate a subscription. Below we have summarized how to activate subscription and unsubscribe. 

How to Activate and Unsubscribe

Suno AI Logo
Suno AI Logo. Source: Trusted Review

Users can purchase Suno AI subscriptions either annually or monthly. These two options are divided into 3 types of subscription packages, namely Basic Plan, Pro Plan and Premier Plan. 

You don't need to pay a fee to use the Basic Plan. But you have to pay 10$/month if you buy the Pro Plan monthly package. For the annual Pro Plan package you only need to pay $8/month. 

If you choose the monthly Premier Plan package you have to pay $30/month. Meanwhile, the annual Premier Plan is sold for $24/month.

So, to activate the subscription package at Suno AI, you can see the explanation below!

How to Purchase a Subscription 

  • Login using the account you created. 
  • Click the "Subscribe" option on the left of your screen. 
  • Select the "Monthly Billing" or "Yearly Billing" option then decide whether to choose the Basic, Pro or Premiere Plan package.
  • Click the words "Subscribe" then you will go to the payment page. 
  • On the payment page, you will have to fill in the card number, name of the card holder and complete address of the card user. 
  • Save the information in the column you have filled in then click subscribe. 

That's how you can activate the Suno AI subscription package. If you have already activated it and are confused about how to deactivate your subscription, see the full explanation below!

How to Unsubscribe 

To deactivate your Suno AI subscription, you can do so via the official website in the following way: 

  • Go to the Suno AI website at https://suno.com/.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the “Subscription” tab.
  • Click on the “Cancel Subscription” button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the cancellation process.

Apart from that, you can also contact the AI support team directly via email in the following way:

  • Send an email to support@suno.ai.
  • Explain in the message section if you want to unsubscribe
  • Write down the email address used to subscribe
  • Send the cancellation email. The support team will process unsubscribe requests as soon as possible
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