Esmeralda Midlane Lemon Style Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Esemeralda from Lemon

In a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) match, especially in games Mobile Legends Bang Bang, there are several positions such as roamer, experience lane, jungler, gold lane and mid lane. And this time we will review Esmeralda mid lane tips and tricks.

The mid lane position is the position that is second after the gold laner position as a damage dealer who can make a team win both at the professional level and in ranked games.

However, what happens if while you are playing midlane, what happens to you is that you are locked many times so that the number of your deaths increases.

To anticipate this, RRQ Lemon provides a midlane tutorial using the hero Esmeralda in its YouTube video entitled "SO MIDLANE CONTINUES TO BE LOCKED? WEAR ESME!!! – Mobile Legends”.

In this video, RRQ Lemons use Esmeralda to compensate for the opponent's mid lane who uses Lylia, who is famous for her clear lane speed and rotation.

For further discussion, below is a summary of several important points in this article.

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Damage Dealer Role Switching

Esmeralda Lemon Match Results
Esmeralda Lemon Match Results. Source: Youtube/RRQ Lemon

As we have discussed and known before, the mid lane position usually holds the second position after the gold lane as a damage dealer in a team.

Using Esmeralda can indeed keep up with Lylia in clear lane matters, but for scaling damage, Esmeralda doesn't have as much burst damage. Lylia.

Therefore, there must be another hero in another position who can fill the second damage dealer position after the gold lane which is generally filled by marksman.

In the video, the lemon team picks the hero Aldous to meet the need for damage dealers in the late game phase.

Apart from that, Aldous has the same highground clear minion ability as Lylia during the late game because the stack really affects his damage, especially on skill one.

Another advantage of Aldous is his build which can use semi tanks or full tanks but still produces burst damage.

This is very useful because the minimum number of heroes serving as damage receivers on a team is 2 heroes and RRQ Lemon and its team succeeded in doing this by using a semi tank build on the heroes Aldous and Esmeralda.

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Understand the Characteristics of Heroes and Their Job Desks

Gameplay Esmeralda
Esmeralda gameplay. Source: Youtube/RRQ Lemon

In the video, it can be seen that RRQ Lemon understands the characteristics of the hero Esmeralda and her job desk. This can be seen from his playing style and build.

Here RRQ Lemon often says that he has zoning duties. The heroes he has to zone are Lylia, Bruno and Yuzhong.

Because basically Esmeralda is a sustainable hero, job desk zoning is suitable for Esmeralda. Item selection is also important in order to be able to carry out jobdesk zoning.

Zoning in this match has several conditions such as cooldown reduction, movement speed and mana.

Cooldown reduction is needed because the shield created by Esmeralda depends on how quickly her skills are used. This shield will be very useful as additional defense to defend against damage given during zoning.

However, fast cooldown reduction must still be balanced with a hero's mana regen speed, therefore, RRQ Lemon chose an enchanted talisman which has a passive mana regen of 15 percent every ten seconds.

After cooldown reduction and mana, there is still movement speed. To fulfill this, RRQ Lemon uses brute force and also the ice queen wand.

Brute force is very suitable for use by Esmeralda because of its passive which provides additional magic and physical defense as well as movement speed every time you use a skill.

Meanwhile, the ice queen wand, apart from having an additional movement speed stat, also has a passive that can reduce the opponent's movement speed for each skill that hits the opponent's hero.

The combination of these four items is very suitable for zoning three opposing heroes who have high movement speed, such as Mathilda, Bruno and Lylia.

The use of the ice queen wand also functions to slow down the three heroes as well as carry out takedowns if possible.

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These are the Lemon-style Emeralda Midlane Tips and Tricks, hopefully this article can help you achieve victory.

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