Get to know about eSIM Smartfren, First in Indonesia!

The eSIM technology innovation by Smartfren has various advantages if you use this technology.

This time, VCGamers will talk about technology eSIM the first in Indonesia by Smartfren which can be used on your respective smartphones.

eSIM users do not need a physical card on the mobile device. Users only need to purchase an eSIM and activate it.

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The First eSIM in Indonesia

What is eSIM Smartfren
What is eSIM Smartfren

Smartfren continues to provide the latest innovations consistently and one of them is eSIM or embedded SIM technology.

As the first mobile operator to present this innovation, Smartfren provides the best and easiest service for its customers.

Customers can choose an eSIM starter pack according to their needs. There is the first Unlimited Nonstop eSIM along with the Nonstop access feature when the main quota runs out.

Apart from that, there is also the convenience of activating the given eSIM technology. If you want to use an eSIM by Smartfren, let's see how to get it below!

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How to Get eSIM Smartfren

Smartfren eSIM logo
Smartphone logo

You can order an Embedded SIM by Smartfren through the following official website this. Apart from that, you can also download MySmartfren through the Google Play Store for Android and the AppStore for Apple.

After that, the customer must complete registration and select the appropriate eSIM package, and select the desired number.

Finally, the order will be confirmed and the customer will receive a QR code to scan and complete the Smartfren number installation process as an Embedded SIM.

With this method, you don't need to go to a Smartfren outlet to get an Embedded SIM.

Moreover, Smartfren has provided this technology for a fairly wide area coverage.

However, you can also go to the Smartfren outlet to order the latest Embedded SIM technology.

Using an eSIM certainly has its own advantages. If you are curious about the advantages of using an Embedded SIM by Smartfren, let's see the discussion below!

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Advantages of Using eSIM Smartfren

Advantages of eSIM Smartfren
Advantages of eSIM Smartfren

eSIM users can enjoy various benefits, one of which is a higher level of security through credential data and encryption.

Apart from that, there are also advantages in terms of activating the Dual SIM feature for users iPhones.

This also makes it more practical because eSIM is not a physical card and can be installed for eSIM technology.

What's more, the advantage you can get if you choose Smartfren as an Embedded SIM mobile operator is that it's practical to get the service.

Customers don't have to bother having to go to a Smartfren outlet because they can order it through the MySmartfren website or application.

Finally, Smartfren provides Embedded SIM services with a variety of attractive packages that are relatively affordable.

User convenience is very important so that it will be guaranteed with a stable connection with a fairly efficient quota consumption.

Thus the discussion about eSIM by Smartfren, hope this is useful!

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