Telkomsel eSIM Not Yet Available, Here's the Explanation!

Telkomsel eSIM

In Indonesia, there are already two cellular operators that have issued eSIM products or services, namely Smartfren in 2019 and Indosat Ooredoo. However, many Telkomsel customers ask about the availability of the eSIM by the cellular operator.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the development of eSIM by Telkomsel operators and also the development of eSIM as a whole in Indonesia.

As Vice President of Corporate Communications at Telkomsel, Saki Hamsat Bramono revealed that currently Telkomsel is reviewing eSIM technology.

Come on, see the further discussion about the eSIM development process by Telkomsel below!

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Telkomsel eSIM Development Process

SIM Embedded Technology
SIM Embedded Technology. Source: Choosers Club

Currently, Telkomsel is ensuring the readiness of the industrial ecosystem to implement eSIM developments.

According to Selular.ID, Saki Hamsat Bramono said that currently Telkomsel has not yet provided these technology services.

This is because currently the eSIM technology is still in development. Only two cellular operators have implemented eSIM services, namely Indosat and Smartfren.

Since there are already two cellular operators implementing this service, of course loyal Telkomsel customers want to know about the eSIM development process for these operators.

As Vice President of Corporate Communications from Telkomsel, Saki Hamsat Bramono is conducting a review regarding the implementation of this technology.

The industrial ecosystem is one of the concerns when developing this technology.

In addition, of course, Telkomsel will comply with existing regulations regarding the development of this technology in Indonesia by the government.

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Development of eSIM in Indonesia

Indonesian eSIM Technology
Indonesian eSIM Technology by Indosat

In 2019, Smartfren developed the first eSIM as a cellular operator in Indonesia.

After that, Indosat Ooredoo will follow in Smartfren's footsteps at the end of 2022. Recently, Indosat has provided eSIM services.

However, the eSIM service by Indosat is only available for customers in Jakarta.

This is because outlets that provide eSIM services are only available in Jakarta.

Several Indosat outlets in Jakarta provide SIM-to-eSIM exchange services or purchase eSIM directly along with the activation process.

Apart from these two cellular operators, Telkomsel and XL Axiata have yet to provide embedded SIM services.

Just like Telkomsel, XL Axiata is also studying the application of this technology.

Even though they haven't yet implemented an eSIM, currently XL Axiata is already using the service for some of its employees.

What's more, the network is also competent. However, XL Axiata still ensures certainty regarding the industrial ecosystem.

Thus the discussion regarding the embedded SIM service by Telkomsel, I hope this is useful!

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