Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of Erdtree Confirmed!

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For Vicigers, who are hardcore gamers and like to play Soulsborne genre games, of course they will be very happy about the arrival of official news regarding Elden Rings DLC.

The reason is, FromSoftware as the developer has officially confirmed this matter via social media with the headline Elden Ring: Shadow of Erdtree. This news has been eagerly awaited by its loyal fans after a year of exploring the vast wilderness of The Lands Between.

With such a slick design, Elden Ring's lore itself is truly so complex and vast. Of course, this is thanks to the contribution made by the seasoned epic novelist, George RR Martin, whose work successfully underlies the adaptation of the famous series: 'Game of Thrones'.

It's only natural that Elden Ring's feel is so familiar and easily enjoyed by many people. But the most important thing is, with the complexity of the universe background like that, there will be so much room for the developer to develop DLC going forward.

And in this second year, Elden Rings as the masterpiece of the developer himself finally got his "first" DLC.

Although not much official information has been circulating about Shadow of Erdtree, this update is expected to deepen existing lore.

So, for fans who are curious and really want to dig a little bit about the info available about this DLC, you can really watch this article!

Several details and information from the DLC will be discussed along with the news that is circulating in cyberspace about it. So, so you don't miss the news, please listen to it!

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About the Elden Rings

Soulsborne Elden Ring
Soulsborne Elden Ring. Source: YouTube/BANDAI NAMCO Europe

For those who don't know about this famous Soulsborne game from FromSoftware, let's take a look at the discussion first. That way, you won't get confused in digesting the discussion about the DLC.

Although many are echoed as a franchise with its own specific genre, Elden Ring basically has a general genre that can be grouped into the action role playing game (ARPG) category. The director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, is a “master” of genres like this.

For your information, Elden Ring is the newest installation as well as the embellishment of the previous Soulsborne genres. This refers to several lineups of the Dark Souls and Bloodborne game series made by FromSoftware as a developer operating under the auspices of Bandai Namco.

FromSoftware itself places a specific emphasis on these games: the existence of scattered enemies and bosses, very challenging difficulty levels, and an open world concept filled with deadly obstacles.

This characteristic is also equipped with exploration features, weapon selection, skill availability, and item collection.

Overall, especially with the high level of difficulty and its “dark” feel, gradually a separate subgenre was formed which eventually earned the nickname 'Soulsborne'.

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Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of Erdtree

Elden Ring DLC: Shadow Of Erdtree
Elden Ring DLC: Shadow Of Erdtree. Source: FromSoftware Official

So, after a few words about the game above, it's time for the discussion to move on to the DLC, Vicigers! Of course, this is an interesting and much-awaited title after the official statement presented by the developer.

Coinciding with the first anniversary of this installation, the gaming world is enlivened by the developer's Tweet. It can be confirmed that the DLC for Elden Ring titled Shadow of Erdtree is in the process of development and work.

As the earliest official release, of course not much information has been shared. Apart from the name of the future DLC and an image showing the landscape of The Lands Between, no other official leads have been shared yet.

In accordance with the title, in the shared image you can see the existence of the “magnificent” tree 'Erdtree', as one of the central figures of the existing universe.

Elden Ring As FromSoftware's Masterpiece
Elden Ring As FromSoftware's Masterpiece. Source: YouTube/BANDAI NAMCO Europe

The players of this game certainly understand that the world that houses their playing field is "blessed" by 'Elden Ring' (which is finally taken as the title of this installation), as the tree and core of the tree.

From this description, of course, many speculators are trying to figure out what the DLC will be like that will be released later. They then spread the news that FromSoftware wants to deepen the lore of the tree itself and its “dark side” – referring to the word Shadow which means 'shadow'.

So will players get a more epic adventure than they have before? Or will there even be a new mystery that will bring Elden Ring to the second installation? Of course it's still too early to discuss it all.

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