How to Complete Quest Elden Ring Millicent

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There are several ways to complete Quest Elden Ring Millicent. Of course, you can complete quests from the game developed by FromSoftware Inc and released by Bandai Namco on February 25, 2022,

In this game, you will have an adventure while doing interesting quests, one of which is the Elden Ring Millicent quest.

Who is Millicent and how to complete the quest? see the article below!

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Millicent's character in the Elden Ring

Millicent character
Millicent's character in Elden Ring (source: Prizzaa Gaming Channel)

Millicent is a character NPCs with quest lines that players can complete to get valuable items. Millicent is a young woman who is struck by the incurable Scarlet Rot disease.

Gowry will send players to look for her with the aim of healing Millicent from Scarlet Rot. Complete the quest to unlock Millicent as an NPC Summon Cooperators during a fight with a certain boss.

Millicent can also be an NPC that can attack players. He will attack players in Swamp of Aeonia at any time of day. Millicent will wear light armor and appear using Shamshir with the Waterfowl Dance skill like Malenia.

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Millicent's location in the Elden Ring

Millicent at the Church of Plague
Millicent at Church of Plague (source: Its Shatter / Youtube)

Millicent is usually at the Church of the Plague which is around the northeast of Gowry's hut. You must light the first 2 furnaces in Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Next, climb the north stairs that lead to the sites of grace at Sellia Backstreets.

Once the barrier is open, head up the mountain towards the Church of the Plague and you'll meet Millicent next to the site of grace. After giving it Unalloyed Gold Needles, he will change places to Gowry's hut.

Apart from the Church of the Plague, you can also find Millicent at the northern end of Windmill Village after defeating the Godskin Apostle and towards the south of the Altus Plateau.

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How to Complete Quest Millicent

Millicent's character in Church of Plague
 Millicent's character in Church of Plague (source: Its Shatter / Youtube)

Here's how to complete Millicent's quest:

  1. Meet Gowry in his hut and he will ask you to help a woman named Millicent who was hit by Scarlet Rot. You must take Unalloyed Gold Needles from Commander O'Neil in the Swamp of Aeonia.
  2. After you find Unalloyed Gold Needles, Gowry will fix it. He will also tell you about the secrets of Sellia City.
  3.  After receiving the quest from Gowry, the Polyanna lock north of the O'Neil battle arena will open.
  4. Exit the game to reload. Gowry will give you Unalloyed Gold Needles which has been fixed. Bring the needle to Millicent in Church of Plague. Solve the puzzle in Sellia first to open the ramp.
  5. After Millicent uses the needle, rest at the nearest site of grace and chat with her until the dialogue ends. Millicent will give you something before moving to Gowry's hut.
  6. Go to Gowry's hut and you will only see Millicent there. Finish the dialogue, reload the area and you will see Gowry. Now you can buy spells from him.
  7. Head to Dominula in Windmill Village to defeat him Godskin Apostles. Find Milicent just north northeast of Erdtree-Gazing Hill which is located at Altus Plateau.
  8. Give the Prothesis to Millicent and a summons sign will appear at the base of the hill northwest of the Stake of Marika.
  9. After defeating Apostle, meet Millicent at Windmill Heights. Chat with him to continue the quest. Now you can summon him to help fight Black Blade Kindred in the Forbidden Lands.
  10. Millicent will move to Ancient Snow Valley Ruins which is in the Mountain tops of The Giants. Talk to him and you will see him again in the Prayer Room in Elphael, Brace of The Haligtree.
  11. He will remain there until you defeat him mini-boss near the Ulcerated Tree Spirit. To get there, head west to the Drainage Channel through the door then climb up the ladder at the end of the corridor and exit through the door on the top right.
  12.  you will meet mini-boss across the gap on the left. Go up the slope on the right by passing the tree branch to the southwest. After defeating him, you will see 2 summoners appear on the northwestern hill around the lake.
  13. You will be given two choices, namely to help Millicent defeat another NPC who is his brother or choose to fight Millicent.
  14. If you decide to help Millicent, head towards the summoner near the weathered pond.
  15. When you return to Gowry, he will talk about Malenia and Millicent's relationship. You have now completed the quest and cannot purchase from the Sage.
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That's a brief review of Millicent and how to complete the quest. Interested in completing other quests that are no less exciting? Play the game right now.

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